Misfits Gaming announce VALORANT team Misfits Black
Misfits Gaming's VALORANT roster lined up Misfits Black
Misfits Gaming's VALORANT roster lined up. Provided by Misfits Gaming

Misfits Gaming announce VALORANT team Misfits Black

24Haven have found a new home
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Misfits Gaming have announced their entrance into VALORANT by signing the free-agent women’s squad 24Haven with a music video announcement. The team, now called Misfits Black, will retain the same roster as they had prior: Presley “Slandy” Anderson, Verina “Verinaa” Gozum, Chloe “chloe” Wong, Luna “LunaFox” Ryan and “Mady.”

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The organization is also bringing along the team’s manager, Alex “alexlihing” Li, and coach Chris “Huijinyong” Yong. The move was first reported by VLR.gg back in November of 2021. 24Haven was started in 2021 to compete in Game Changers Series 2 in North America with three of Misfits current players, Mady, Verinaa and Slandy. The current lineup was finalized for the next Game Changers event, with chloe and LunsFox joining beforehand.

While the team has been around for a while in the women’s scene, they do not have many top finishes or competitive results. With its current roster, the team failed to make it into the main Game Changers event, falling to Complexity GX3 and Polaris in the qualifying stage. They also failed to qualify for the Super Girl Gamer Pro – Fall 2021: Championships main event, making it as far as the quarter finals in the Week 4 qualifier. Their most recent tournament, Sakura Cup #5, saw them fall in the semifinals to TSM X before losing the consolation final 0-2 to Polaris.

The team has also competed in the VALORANT Champions Tour, losing out in both Stage 1 VCT Challengers open qualifiers for the current league. 24Haven also competed in the Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship – Open 15.

North America’s next Game Changers event is slated to start on March 31. While there are more VALORANT tournaments in which fans can see Misfits Black compete, this will be the first big test for the newly-signed squad as they have yet to see Game Changers main event competition as a collective. VLR.gg ranks the team at No. 34 in Game Changers and No. 115 in North America.

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