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Blizzard has just confirmed that Mei from Overwatch will be joining the Heroes of the Storm character roster.

Weeks prior to the official announcement, Heroes of the Storm players witnessed snow falling in the Nexus during their matches. Between June 13 and 14, the game’s Twitter page also teased the arrival of the new playable character.

Mei of the Storm

Originating from Overwatch, the climatologist will bring her icy moves to the Nexus with Cryo-Freeze. With this trait, Mei encases herself in ice and gains a shield, absorbing damage and restoring health.

Mei’s first ability is Snow Blind (Q), which allows her to throw a snowball at her enemies. Opponents who get hit with it take damage in addition to being blinded and slowed down. With Blizzard (W), Mei controls Snowball and targets a location for a couple of seconds. Enemies within the area get slowed down, and if they are within the area after the duration of Blizzard is over, they take additional damage and get stunned.

As for Icing (E), Mei moves quickly to the target location. Opponents who are near her when the effect ends get knocked back, take damage, and become slowed.

Mei breaks the ice in Heroes of the Storm icewall
Mei using Ice Wall in Heroes of the Storm. Image provided by Blizzard Entertainment.

Her first heroic ability is Avalanche (R1), which lets her roll a giant snowball that hits enemy heroes along its path. When the snowball explodes at the end of its path, it releases the affected heroes and stuns them. Meanwhile, Ice Wall (R2) is reminiscent of one of her Overwatch abilities. After a short delay, Mei summons a wall that can trap her opponents inside. When the wall disintegrates, the affected enemies get slowed.

Cold as ice

As the newest addition to Heroes of the Storm, Mei is a tank with powerful crowd control abilities. These can be showcased with her different talents as well. At level one, Heroes of the Storm players get to choose from Heavy Pack, Ice Storm, or Heat Transfer.

Mei breaks the ice in Heroes of the Storm blizzard
Mei using Blizzard in Heroes of the Storm. Image provided by Blizzard Entertainment.

While Heavy Pack enhances Snow Blind’s slow duration, Ice Storm rewards players who land Blizzard on enemy heroes. As for Heat Transfer, it is a passive talent that allows Mei to deal extra damage to heroes who are slowed, stunned, or rooted.

At level four, Slushball increases the damage dealt by Snow Blind, Cold Front enhances Icing, and the Crystalize trait reduces the cooldown of Cryo-Freeze while giving Mei spell armor. From levels seven to 20, players can create devastating talent builds that can take further advantage of Mei’s crowd control abilities while helping allies.

Mei will be playable in the Heroes of the Storm Public Test Realm until the week of June 22.

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