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Another location on the Fortnite island looks primed to receive a Season X makeover soon. After the arrival of Tilted Town, it was only a matter of time before another POI began to undergo reconstruction. This time it’s Mega Mall, the other location besides Neo Tilted to change with Season 9’s launch. Like with Tilted Town, a Rift Beacon has appeared in Mega Mall, signaling the start of a makeover.

While the prospect of a new location is intriguing, the rules that come with it might spoil the experience. Will the new Mega Mall act similar to Tilted Town or allow players to play Fortnite like normal?

Retail Row replacing Mega Mall?

We’ve long known that Mega Mall would experience a remodeling during Season X. In the Fortnite files, there are signs pointing to Retail Row returning, which would effectively replace Mega Mall. However, Neo Tilted wasn’t replaced with the original Tilted Towers.

Mega Mall could be the next Fortnite POI changes | Retail Row
An image of the Rift Beacon in Mega Mall. Credit to ImEntoYT and FortTory on Twitter

If Tilted Towers didn’t return, it’s highly unlikely the old Retail Row will come back. Although, it’s safe to say that Mega Mall as we know it now won’t exist much longer. With Fortnite Season X set around time travel, Epic Games could decide to copy Tilted Town and head back to the past or go ahead into the future.

An even more futuristic version of Mega Mall would be difficult to imagine, however. So, it’s more likely that Epic will choose to go with either a modern look or something from the past such as medieval times.

No matter what, it will involve recreating the original Retail Row. That seems to be Fortnite‘s plan this season — rework old POIs into different settings from various time periods. Although, there’s still no indication on whether or not the new Retail will follow the same rules as Tilted Town.

Mega Mall could be the next Fortnite POI changes | Retail Row
We might get a sneak peek at the new Retail Row in this official Fortnite screenshot. Credit to LYRMck on Twitter

We currently have no information on when the mall will start the process of changing. Though with the Rift Beacon already in place, we should start to see a rift forming in the sky above it very soon. After that, it will only take a few days for Mega Mall to become something entirely new.

What do you think about another location changing? Let us know in the comments below. Keep up with Daily Esports for all Fortnite Season X coverage.

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