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RazerCon 2020 was packed with tons of really cool announcements. The CEO, Ming-Liang Tang, showed off some amazing new products during his keynote. We’ve got all the details on the latest Razer gear soon to hit the shelves.

RazerCon 2020 highlights

This year’s event was HUGE! Over 1 million concurrent viewers tuned in with over 250,000 total hours viewed. Social media was through the roof, and all the fans were excited for the next line up of Razer products. Without further ado, we give you, Razer’s new launches.

Razer Iskur Gaming Chair

All gamers need a decent chair. Well know you can have one in classic Razer colors. The Razer Iskur sports the slogan on the front of the chair, lumbar support, and lots of customization. This is a first for Razer as they break into the chair market.

Razer Tomahawk Gaming Chassis

Desktop gaming is going strong and Razer is responding. Their new Tomahawk Gaming Chassis is Razer’s first desktop experience. Tempered glass, detachable hinges, two sizes, and simple cable management. It’s a sleek looking tower that will complement any PC build.

Razer Seiren Mini

As more people get into streaming and content creation, it’s important to have equipment available to everyone. The Razer Siren Mini is the compact edition to the Razer Seiren. It’s perfect if you’re traveling (well, when we can travel), or if you’re just starting out. It’s lightweight, only has one USB connection to worry about, and is designed for easy plug-and-play.

Razer Blade Stealth 13

You’ve seen the Blade here before, and there’s a review of the Blade Stealth on its way, but here’s an even smaller laptop. It’s a thirteen inch gaming machine, complete with i7-1165G7 processor, Full OLED touch display, THX® Spatial Audio, and the NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 Ti. This will be one laptop to look out for if you’re thinking of an upgrade. Oh and it looks like the Blade Stealth 13 comes two types of touch displays.

Razer Kraken BT Kitty Edition

Who thought the Razer Kraken could get any better? First they added chroma and kitty ears, now they’ve gone bluetooth. Complete your quartz collection, or simply upgrade to wireless. The Razer Kraken BT Kitty Edition responds to apps and notifications. Plus it’s all customizable so you can choose how to show your style.

New Chroma RGB product partners

Think Razer Chroma is awesome? Want to use it on more devices? During his keynote, Tang announced a host of new partners to the third party hardware partners program. That means there’s now over 50 partners in the program, supporting over 500 devices, and more than 150 games and applications.

And if that wasn’t enough, Razer announced their first ever Razer Edition motherboards in collaboration with ASRock. They’ll be the first with lots of addressable RGB components and support for X570 and B550 chipsets.

Sneki Snek × Conservation International

Nothing is complete without a good plushie. This year, Min-Liang Tan closed out his RazerCon keynote announcing the Sneki Snek has been named the official Razer chief gaming mascot. This cute snake mascot is available as a huggable plushie. Every plushie sold will go to help Conversation International. They’re an global environmental organization saving trees and contributing to our world’s sustainability.

Razer set a goal of saving at least 100,000 trees — that’s 400 acres of forest. For every Sneki Snek sold, ten trees are saved. In less than 2 hours over 1000 plushies were sold. Now there’s well over 50,000 trees saved and the Sneki Snek has sold out a few times already. You can still reserve one for pre-order though.

Wrap up

Well that’s a wrap on RazerCon 2020. There were lots of other cool things happening during the festival including tons of giveaways. Don’t forget to tune back in again soon for some sweet reviews.