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The Pokémon Company released a half-hour Pokémon Presents video on Aug. 18, detailing information about upcoming games like Legends: Arceus, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. It also revealed news for spinoff games, including Pokémon UNITE.

Now, only two days after Blissey was revealed as the game’s fourth Supporter, two more characters have been confirmed for the MOBA. Mamoswine and Sylveon will both make appearances in Pokémon UNITE as DLC characters.

The Pokémon Presents trailer revealed little about the playstyles of the Ice/Ground-type Mamoswine or the Fairy-type Sylveon in Pokémon UNITE. While some of their moves were shown in their reveal trailer, fans will have to wait to learn the specifics of their character archetypes. In addition, The Pokémon Company has not confirmed when they will debut in the game, or whether they will debut before or after the previously announced Blastoise.

Mamoswine and Sylveon in Pokémon UNITE, and more from the Pokémon Presents

Alongside the reveal of Mamoswine and Sylveon, the Pokémon Presents also provided a specific release date for the mobile version of Pokémon UNITE. This version of the game will launch on Sept. 22. Players can pre-register for the mobile version now.

The Pokémon Company is also running a pre-registration campaign leading up to the mobile launch of Pokémon UNITE. If more than 2.5 million people pre-register, then all players will get Pikachu’s Unite License for free. Additionally, if over 5 million people pre-register, players will receive a Special Festive Style Holowear outfit for Pikachu .

Anyone who plays the Nintendo Switch version of Pokémon UNITE by Aug. 31 can unlock the Unite License for Zeraora at no cost. They can then transfer this Unite License to the mobile version by linking their two accounts. However, mobile players without the Nintendo Switch version can only unlock Zeraora through in-game missions that the developers will implement at a later date.

Pokémon UNITE will support cross-play between the mobile and Switch versions once the mobile version becomes available. As a result, the game’s player base has the potential to expand greatly in Sept. Pokémon UNITE players across both platforms can look forward to Mamoswine, Sylveon, Blastoise and potentially more DLC characters in the future.

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