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Over four days, content creators, streamers, and professional Magic: The Gathering players slugged it out in the first ever Mythic Invitational. The competition was both tense and unique as the only event where Duo Standard was the format. Production was mostly top-notch, and the team of casters brought so much life to the tournament. Now, after so much hard work, we finally have our Mythic Invitational finals winner: Channel Fireball’s own Andrea Mengucci.

Mythic Invitational, Winner, Andrea Mengucci

Andrea Mengucci works for ChannelFireball, where he is a writer and content creator alongside big names such as Gabriel Nassif, Reid Duke, and PleasantKenobi.  You can find him on ChannelFireball’s YouTube channel where he plays many different decks with a focus on Legacy content.

The win

The final match of the Mythic Invitational finals came down to Mengucci and the second place finalist, Piotr Glogowski. Mengucci went into the Mythic Invitational with Esper Control and Mono-White Aggro, while Glogowski came with Mono-Red Aggro and Mono-Blue Tempo. Game 1 was a fairly standard affair of Glogowski’s Mono-Blue Tempo deck not being quite fast enough to beat out Mengucci’s grindy Esper Control deck. As soon as Mengucci resolved a board wipe, it was more or less over.

Game 2 found Mengucci on Mono-White Aggro and Glogowski on Mono-Red Aggro. This game boiled down to Mengucci applying more pressure than Glogowski could, even through a ton of removal from the red deck. In the end, Mengucci was able to swing in for lethal while Glogowski took the loss with nothing but a few lands on the board and no cards in hand.

If you’d like to watch these matches, you can find them below.

Watch Mythic Invitational – Grand Final: Andrea Mengucci vs. Piotr Glogowski from Magic on www.twitch.tv

Ultimately, Andrea Menducci absolutely worked for this win. He didn’t lose a single game going through the top 4, and now he can claim the title of Mythic Invitational winner.

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