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Wizards of the Coast (WotC) announced today the latest set for Magic: The Gathering (MTG), Kaldheim, launches on MTG Arena today and in stores next Friday. Kaldheim is inspired by Norse Mythology with strong metal themes. Following the metal theme for the new set, global metal bands helped launched the Kaldheim set through some fun collaborations.

Magic The Gathering Kaldheim introduces new card mechanics

If you’ve been watching WotC’s Week of Metal on Twitch, you would have seen a number of brands talk about their love for MTG. Everyone was excited about the new Kaldheim set. Each band had the opportunity to showcase a new card, characters, and even mechanics.

Speaking of mechanics, the new set introduces two new mechanics to MTG. Boast and Foretell.

Foretell mechanic

The new Foretell mechanic allows players to exile a card and pay its Foretell cost instead of its usual casting cost at a later stage. This will keep players on their toes. Opponents will have to watch out for banked cards that can be played at a reduced cost.

Boast mechanic

Kaldheim is inspired by Viking and Norse culture. What better way to stay true to this nature than by calling back to the bloodthirsty Viking characteristics? The Boast mechanic can be activated when a creature with the boast ability attacks. This gives players extra incentive to attack their opponents early and often. This type of gameplay will cause some early upsets and keep the game interesting on both side.

Snow is back

If winter in the Northern Hemisphere wasn’t enough for you, then look out for the new card set. Snow is back! Basic snow lands are making their return along with the Modal double-faced card mechanic and Saga. Modal double-faced cards are cards with two sides: a creature on the front and land on the back. They can be played according to your choosing. Saga, a special enchantment type is also making a reappearance.

New card designs

Along with plenty of new cards and mechanics, Kaldheim comes with new card showcase frames. Some of the Legendary cards such as Halvar the God of Battle will receive this special card frame. You can see from the preview below the card is encased in a chiseled pattern design, calling back to the ancient stone carvings of the Viking ages.



Check the MTG website to see and read more about these new cards. What cards are you excited to see? If you’ve missed the recent Kaldheim news, check out our previews on the five best cards for your MTG set, be it white, blue, black, red, or green.