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Magic: The Gathering has had a history of revisiting planes as of late. They’ve gone back to Innistrad, Zendikar, and Ravnica more than a couple of times now. Fans do love getting more of their favorite plane, and if it’s successful (or demanded) enough, then it looks like it’s possible. The next 4 sets have been announced, with 2 of them taking us back to planes of yesterday: Theros and Zendikar.

Theros, Beyond Death

Magic‘s return to Theros looks to focus on the underworld and its denizens therein. Elspeth will most definitely be making an appearance. Last we heard, she was making her way through the Theros underworld, so it’s basically a lock to see her. Reprints of the other half of the temple land cycle are all but confirmed as well. Also, expect enchantment themes and cool card boarders. Many fans have been asking for a return to Theros, and now they’ve gotten their wish.

Ikoria, Lair of Behemoths and Core Set 2021

We have no clue what’s coming in these two sets, but it’s hard not to be hyped with a name like “Ikoria, Lair of Behemoths”. It’s been a while since we’ve had giants in Standard Magic, so maybe we’ll get those? Or perhaps Ikoria is filled with lush jungle and wandering, massive beasts? It’s hard to say at this point. Meanwhile, Core Set 2021 will most likely lay the basis for the next year and not introduce anything too incredible.

Zendikar Rising

Once again we’re heading back to Zendikar, the land of the living… land? Let’s hope this time there’s more fetch lands in the set. It’s unlikely they’ll reprint fetch lands into Standard, but Magic players can’t help but hope that they’ll appear. The enemy colored fetch lands need a reprint badly, and it would help sell the set. Especially since outside of the lands, Zendikar isn’t exactly the most popular plane among players. The last thing it gave us was Eldrazi, and their effect on the game wasn’t exactly the best received. However, this is all speculation; we’ll have to wait until the set actually comes out to know more.

What plane (and set) are you most excited for? Is there another plane you want to see Magic: The Gathering revisit soon? Let us know in the comments below!

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