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Today, Wizards of the Coast announced their newest card set for Magic: The Gathering. The Crimson Vow set is themed around vampires, bringing the werewolves and vampires together. This is the second set for Innistrad and includes 267 new cards. Crimson Vow is available in Magic: The Gathering Arena today, and will be available for tabletop on Nov. 19.

Crimson Vow and Midnight Hunt

Magic: The Gathering’s previous card set, Midnight Hunt, was centered around werewolves. Crimson Vow introduces vampires, with Dracula inspired cards themed around iconic gothic lore. Magic: The Gathering brings these races together, both of which are threatening the plane of Innistrad. Sorin, the new planeswalker, is a vampire who plans to wed herself to the Markov bloodline and take control of Innistrad.

Magic: The Gathering Crimson Vow
Sorin is also available in a unique border design. | Provided by Wizards of the Coast

Dracula and Olivia

Many of the cards in Crimson Vow are based around different vampiric themes, such as Dracula. The Lord of Blood himself is also available as a card in the new set. Dracula appears in multiple forms, including foil and non-foil editions.

Olivia is another Vampire card available in the Crimson Vow set. She is the Crimson Bride and a legendary card. Her abilities include flying and haste.

Magic: The Gathering Crimson Vow
Olivia is also available in a unique border design. | Provided by Wizards of the Coast

New card mechanics

Crimson Vow centers around the vampire wedding Sorin is planning. While there’s plenty of extravagant costumes, which you can see in the illustration above, there are also some new mechanics coming to the game. Blood Tokens will be available to Vampires, where they are sacrificed along with another card. Players will then be able to draw a new card.

Humans who decide to take on vampires will also be treated to a new mechanic. Training provides a +1/+1 counter whenever a creature attacks with a creature of greater power. Cleave is a new spell card coming to the game, which can be used alongside Training. Cleave alters the function of cards by omitting words from their description, allowing players to be more tactical in their gameplay. There’s also the opportunity for players to be creative in how they use Cleave, carefully choosing which word to omit.

Crimson Vow Cards

Magic: The Gathering Crimson Vow isn’t all vampires either. A number of Eternal Night Legendary creatures will feature in Crimson Vow. Land will also be available. Cards can be found in Draft Boosters, Set Boosters, and Collector Boosters. For more information on the Crimson Vow card set, check out the MTG website.