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Playing Magic: The Gathering on the go isn’t always easy. People have been putting out mobile apps for years to aid in playing the game. Life counters, trade pricers, and more are all services you can find in an app. However, there’s never been an official Magic app, outside of the toolbox app that was removed from the app store years ago — until now, with Magic: The Gathering Companion.

Magic: The Gathering Companion

Magic Companion is a brand new mobile app put out by Wizards of the Coast for both iPhone and Android. The app is currently in a beta state but is free for download to anyone interested. Unlike most apps for the game, Magic Companion does not offer life tracking or space to take notes. Instead, its sole feature is to allow users to run tournaments. The app is very fast and operates with no lag. Users can set up tournaments with 2-to-16 players involved. The app allows for Best of 3, Constructed, or Swiss formats. Matches can be best-of-1 or best-of-3 depending on your preference. This should be a great resource for anyone looking to hold small-scale or casual tournaments in their home or at a local game store.

If you’re looking to try the app for yourself, you can download the Android version here or the iPhone version here. Keep in mind that if you want to use the iOS version you will need to have the Testflight app installed. There are more features set to be included on the app in the future, all meant to help players who play with physical cards. “Daily Engagement features” will be added at a later date. There is also a high possibility of pairings for tournaments being sent directly to your phone, as well as ways to directly report your match results.

What features do you want to see on this new app? Do you plan on downloading it?

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