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Top YouTube streamer and Jigglypuff Super Smash Bros. Melee player Ludwig Ahgren won’t end his current stream until he beats Elden Ring. The latest adventure from FromSoftware is huge, but the main story can be beaten in around 40 hours.

Nearly 14,000 people are currently watching Ludwig explore the depths of the Lands Between on YouTube.  He started streaming late in the evening on Feb. 24 and could be at it for another day at least.

Ludwig has committed to Elden Ring

“I’m just kind of looting,” he said on stream. “I’m a bandit in the night.”

Elden Ring is currently blowing up on Twitch with hundreds of thousands of viewers tuning in to watch their favorite streamers get killed in FromSoftware’s latest adventure. Over 700,000 people are currently playing the game on Steam. It’s clear that Elden Ring is already a huge success.

This current commitment is nothing for Ludwig. He’s already broken Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins‘ subscription record after streaming for 30 days straight in early 2021. That subathon gave viewers the ability to add time to Ludwig’s stream for every new subscription or 500 bits given. It eventually ended in April.

Elden Ring is an absolutely massive game with a beautiful open world to explore. Ludwig could play the game for dozens of hours if he chooses to take his time exploring side quests, which is what he is doing at the time of this writing. He could, however, stick to the main story and finish the game in under two days.

This is another example of how Ludwig has grown such a massive following across YouTube and other social media platforms. The streamer, who moved from Twitch to stream on exclusively on YouTube in November, has done unprecedented things like host major Super Smash Bros. tournaments with massive prize pools that have brought in thousands of viewers to his streams

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