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Popular Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren announced Monday that he reached a deal with YouTube Gaming and will exclusively stream on the platform from now on. The announcement was made on Twitter in a video that featured Anthony “Slime” Bruno.

Ludwig moves to YouTube exclusively

The battle for streamers continues as YouTube and Twitch look to sign creators to their respective platforms. Over the last few months, notable names such as Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter and Timothy “TimTheTatman” John Betar have signed exclusivity deals with YouTube.

In an exclusive interview with Nathan Stanz on his YouTube channel, Ludwig dove deeper into why he made the switch. Despite making Twitch an enormous sum of money through his subathons, Twitch has never treated him differently from any other streamer according to Ludwig. Even during negotiations, these sentiments did not change. He was treated much better by YouTube, according to Ludwig, which led him to sign the deal. An example Ludwig noted was negotiating for the ability to limit gifted subs on Twitch, which Twitch declined. However, Ludwig noted that YouTube was much more flexible with these requests. In addition, Ludwig noted that YouTube has added a lot to its platform recently while listening to community feedback.

“It’s not like its any one thing,” Ludwig said. “When the camel’s back is broke, you don’t point to a single straw. But it didn’t change even in negotiations. I’ve never felt specifically wanted or well respected by Twitch as a whole.”

Another large reason for the move was the ability to create different types of content while with YouTube Ludwig said. If he missed a day on Twitch, he mentioned that it would feel like a lot of lost revenue. He would have more freedom to pursue different projects with YouTube while maintaining a consistent revenue stream.

“This is psychopathic that I would consider doing a subathon just to do a cool idea and with YouTube, I can just do [the idea].” Ludwig said.

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