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Current defending World Champions Edward Gaming reverse swept current Mid-Season Invitational champions Royal Never Give Up 3-2 in the first day of the LoL Pro League 2022 Summer Regional Finals, just after we had a 3-2 series in the LPL finals yesterday. This win means EDG directly qualifies to the Main Event of Worlds 2022 and are the LPL’s third seed. RNG still have one more chance to qualify for Worlds in Round 2 as they await the winner of LNG Esports and Victory Five since the LPL has been allocated four seeds.

How EDG completed the reverse sweep

Prior to this series, both teams met in the summer playoffs where EDG won 3-1 and for this series, EDG chose to start with jungle Yu “JunJia” Chun-Chia instead of Zhao “Jiejie” Li-Jie.

RNG were definitely out for revenge and started out Game 1 more brightly, immediately jumping onto EDG over the first Rift Herald and taking a small lead early on. RNG continued to accelerate their lead, constantly punishing EDG for every misstep; but EDG were not about to roll over despite RNG’s lead, and they still had hope — after all, they had two dragons. They managed to find a pick onto RNG mid laner Li “Xiaohu” Yuan-Hao at 24 minutes and proceeded to secure their third dragon.

RNG still held the lead and this time denied EDG their opportunity for a comeback in taking the Mountain Soul by taking down Flandre first and forced them to fight for Baron Nashor at 30 minutes. With a man down, EDG’s attempt to stop RNG in the Baron pit proved futile as both teams traded two for two. With over a 9k gold lead, at 35 minutes, EDG’s attempt to secure the Mountain Soul was thwarted by RNG jungler Yan “Wei” Yang-Wei. RNG then secured an Ace and the first game of the series. 1-0 to RNG.

While RNG was the more proactive team early on in Game 2 in terms of kills, EDG kept even with early drakes and a tower lead. Both teams remained cautious until 21 minutes where a big teamfight saw RNG take down four members of EDG. However, RNG and EDG stil remained close in gold and objectives after and could not find any other big opportunities until the fourth dragon spawned.

RNG once again came out on top in the ensuing fight; mid laner Xiaohu scored a triple kill, but a minute later, both teams once again engaged in a big 5v5 teamfight around the Baron pit. This fight saw RNG come out on top again, despite EDG taking down Chen “GALA” Wei’s Zeri first. With this, RNG secured the Baron and were firmly in the lead. EDG decided to contest RNG for the second Baron at 36 minutes but it wasn’t meant to be. RNG scored a delayed Ace and went on to finish the game. 2-0 and match point to RNG.

With RNG at match point, EDG subbed JieJie back in for Game 3 in hopes of a change of fortunes. It didn’t seem that way at first since RNG took the lead at 10 minutes with two good picks in mid lane and subsequently the first Herald. The game still remained extremely close until 24 minutes in; at that point, both teams contested for the third dragon. There, EDG took down four members of RNG, with their bot laner Park “Viper” Do-hyeon picking up a triple kill. This broke the stalemate, as EDG then proceeded to secure the Baron; and with a pick onto Wei and then Xiaohu in RNG’s base thereafter, EDG pushed on and decisively ended the game. 2-1.

Game 4 saw RNG taking the lead in kills early on once again and EDG equalised at the second drake at 15 minutes, getting four kills for themselves. The game once again remained very close until the contest for the fourth dragon at 25 minutes. EDG pulled the trigger but RNG’s counter engage proved too effective as they moped up four members of EDG. RNG proceeded to take the Baron after and applied the pressure by systematically sieging EDG’s base.

Despite the 7k gold difference, EDG rallied behind a deep teleport flank from Flandre as RNG attempted to take down their final inhibitor and secured three kills, giving them a much-needed lifeline in the series. Undeterred, RNG tried pushing their way in again, but EDG denied them entry. With Viper left unchecked, EDG would score an Ace and secure the Infernal Soul to tie up the game in terms of gold.

With momentum slipping away, Xiaohu and his top laner Chen “Breathe” Chen attempted a split push to take the inhibitor on the top side but were taken out in a 2v2 fight against Flandre and Lee “Scout” Ye-chan. This led to EDG securing the Elder Drake, the Baron after and finally the Nexus, sealing an epic 42 minute comeback victory. 2-2 and we’re listening to Silver Scrapes once more.

The final game to determine the LPL’s third seed going into Worlds would be the most cautious game from both teams of the series. For the first time, RNG were not the ones with an early lead and EDG capitalised on this by securing an early three dragon lead. RNG would deny the Infernal Soul at 27 minutes and losing Breathe to the drake contest, but both teams only had two kills between each other at that point.

The deciding moment came at 29 minutes with Scout catching out Xiaohu in the Blue side’s jungle and signaling the start of a huge 5v5. EDG took three quick kills from there, immediately took the Baron after and never looked back. They found another pick onto Breathe a minute later and rolled over RNG once more before marching into the base and taking the win at 32 minutes. 3-2 to EDG. The World Champions are back.

Post-match interview with mid laner Scout

In a post-match interview with Shi “Wendy” Wen-di after the reverse sweep, mid-laner Scout was asked how he felt overall, especially about the team qualifying for Worlds.

“Although we lost the first two games, we managed to win the following three games after, so I’m very happy,” he said. “Also, we didn’t want to start our journey at Worlds from Mexico (in the Play-ins stage), so I’m very happy we won this series.”

He also mentioned that he personally prepared LeBlanc which he pulled out in Game 5 due to many playoff teams playing Azir, and that he was happy he got to pick LeBlanc. When asked on his personal goals and expectations at Worlds, Scout made his ambitions clear.

“For personal goals, we would like to be the back-to-back World Champions,” he said. “I also must say, although our performances have not been that stable recently, but when the World’s meta comes about we will definitely practice more to maintain a good performance and momentum at Worlds.”

The Regional Finals continues tomorrow and you can check out the format and how to watch it here.

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