LPL 2022 summer finals; JD Gaming take down Top Esports
JD Gaming take down Top Esports 3-2 in the LPL 2022 summer finals
JD Gaming defeats Top Esports to qualify to the Worlds 2022 Main Event

LPL 2022 summer finals; JD Gaming take down Top Esports

Both teams are through to the Worlds 2022 Main Event

JD Gaming took down Top Esports 3-2 in a nail-biting five game series between the two teams once again, securing their spot as the LoL Pro League’s first seed going into the 2022 World Championship which will take place in Mexcio and the United States. Both teams have locked in their place in the Main Event as well.

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Before the match began, like all LPL finals, there was an elaborate opening ceremony held to commemorate the event. This time was no different, as it prominently featured Ornn in welcoming both teams to fight for the Silver Dragon Cup.

LPL 2022 summer finals recap

We previewed how we thought the TES/JDG finals would go; this was their fourth meeting in an LPL playoff setting and all four series have gone to Game 5. JDG currently leads the head-to-head at 3-1.

TES perhaps surprised a few people prior to Game 1 as they had announced substitute top laner Yu “Qingtian” Zi-Han would be starting in place of Huang “Wayward” Ren-Xing. Game 1 was close with TES having a slight edge in gold and three drakes secured going into the mid-game, but a decisive fight from JDG over the fourth dragon at 26 minutes secured them an Ace and the Baron as well as denied TES the Hextech Soul. Now firmly in the lead, JDG never looked back and after turning TES’s engage around in the mid lane, they marched on to take the Nexus as well in 31 minutes. 1-0 to JDG.

For Game 2, TES subbed Wayward back in and they were not about to roll over for JDG. Game 2 saw TES proactively targetting JDG’s solo lanes in the early game and amassed a 5k gold lead at 17 minutes, and TES continued to pile on the pressure. It looked like a straightforward win for TES, until JDG rushed the Baron and Aced TES in the ensuing fight. JDG slowly clawed their back up in terms of gold and gave themselves a fighting chance for an epic comeback.

Despite TES securing the Hextech Soul, Game 2 continued to drag on with no team having a clear advantage. JDG found a good pick onto TES support Ling “Mark” Xu and took the Elder Dragon. When things seemed lost for TES, they went all in onto JDG as they were doing the Baron and somehow found the game-winning fight, taking down the Nexus at 48 minutes and bringing the series to 1-1.

Game 3 saw TES utilising the same strategy against JDG and proceeded to focus on 369 once again with Wayward having a favorable matchup in picking Renekton against Bai “369” Jia-Hao’s Gangplank. Like Game 1, TES were slightly ahead going into the mid-game but both teams remained close despite Wayward being accelerated ahead. JDG were slowly pulling ahead in gold from advantageous skirmishes and when TES tried doing the Baron at 31 minutes, both teams entered a prolonged fight — JDG came out of it with a late ace. This ace was enough to win them the third game 2-1 and gave them match point.

TES began Game 4 with their usual proactive early game; and just like the other games, they entered the mid-game with a slight advantage, but the game remained close. This match was slower in terms of kills overall with both teams having a combined eight kills at 30 minutes. The game finally broke open when TES caught JDG by the Baron pit and took down four members. This meant TES could take Baron themselves and with that, TES held on firmly and denied JDG any avenue for a comeback. 2-2; cue Silver Scrapes.

The penultimate Game 5 saw JDG jungler Seo “Kanavi” Jin-hyeok last pick the Bel’Veth to try and win the final game. While he secured first blood, TES sprung to life after once again had the more proactive early and mid-game. Game 5 was tense as both teams once again remained very close in gold and kills. However, the game swung in JDG’s favour near 30 minutes when JDG found an Ace in the Drake pit and proceeded to take the Baron after. JDG then proceeded to push their advantages forward and thwarted any hope of a TES comeback and winning the game in 35 minutes. 3-2 to JDG.

Post-match comments from JDG support Lou “Missing” Yun-Feng

Support Missing joined JDG from Team WE at the start of 2022 and won his first LPL title with them. He did a post-game interview with Zhao “Christina” Song-Qi after their LPL 2022 summer finals victory.

“I really want to say thank you to my teammates, coaching staff and all the people surrounding me,” he said. “I experienced a really tough time but now it’s been all worth it.”

He mentioned they just needed to perform as they always have against TES since the two teams have faced off a number of times before and that Kanavi picking Bel’Veth in final game was a comfort pick for him after he had many jungle champions banned against him. As Worlds approaches, Missing was asked if there were any teams he wanted to play against at the World Championship.

“We have been watching the LCK and I think Gen.G may be our biggest challenger and they’re pretty strong,” he said.

Worlds 2022 Play-ins will begin on September 29th as teams from around the world continue to fight for the final places. The LPL as well will determine their final two seeds going to Worlds with their Regional Finals.