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Popular Australian streamer Loserfruit now has her own Fortnite skin. She’s been overwhelmed by fan posts, videos, and even a few of her own Fortnite wins. Check it all out here.

Fans love Loserfruit’s skin as much as she does

It must be pretty amazing to have your own cosmetic in a game. Since many of us will never experience that, watch Loserfruit’s reaction when she sees her skin.

Loserfruit’s skin comes as part of the Fortnite Icon Series. Announced firstly with Ninja, the Icon Series showcases popular Fortnite Twitch streamers. A list of streamers was released when the series was announced and Loserfruit was there. Her skin was set to come out a week earlier but was delayed, possibly due to the larger Season 3 delay. Regardless, now that it’s out, her reaction is gold.

There’s even been a whole host of fan art pour in over the last couple of days. Loserfruit is totally ecstatic over these, as she posts the following on Twitter:

Check out all the talented fans on Loserfruit’s Twitter. She even won a solo game with her own skin. You can watch all her reactions from various games here:

Fortnite Icon Series skin

Like Ninja’s skin, Loserfruit’s skin comes with all the accessories. There are fruit-themed harvesting tools called Fruit Punches, a Bounce Berry emote, and a Loserfruit buddy bag. The full set costs 2600 V-Bucks. Like many of the limited edition skins, the Loserfruit skin was only available for two days. If you missed out though, don’t worry. We can guess that like Ninja’s skin, and many other items in the shop, it’ll probably pop up for sale again. Besides, who wouldn’t want this ridiculously colorful skin?

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