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The latest battle pass event has descended upon League of Legends and it comes from the stars. Space Groove 2021 brings a long list of new missions, milestones and event-exclusive rewards. The event also marks the return of a fan-favorite limited-time game mode: One for All. The Space Groove 2021 event runs from April 1, at 4:00 p.m. ET until May 4 at 2:59 a.m. ET and introduces a host of new skins, including the unfathomably adorable Space Groove Blitz & Crank Legendary skin. As always, the ultimate prize for this battle pass is the game’s newest Prestige Edition skin: Space Groove Lulu. The following is a guide for all of the content unlocked with the Space Groove event pass. For a guide on all of the free content available instead, check out our Space Groove 2021 free-to-play missions guide.

Space Groove 2021 Battle Pass cost breakdown

Players can purchase the LoL Space Groove 2021 pass for 1,650 RP, which unlocks a reward coin payout for every game played during the event. Additionally, the pass comes with 4 bonus Space Groove loot orbs and 200 Space Groove event tokens. It also gives players access to 20 new milestone missions and four weekly win missions. For a full of details on all of these missions and pass perks, scroll down!

The larger Space Groove 2021 pass bundle costs 2,650 RP and comes with everything in the battle pass. Additionally, the bundle includes the Lulu champion and the Space Groove Lulu skin set. This set includes the regular edition skin, the matching summoner icon and a loading screen border. Players that are indecisive on purchasing the skin bundle can simply purchase the cheaper pass first and decide later if they want to pick up the skin. The bundle will only cost 1,000 RP at that point, so there’s additional no RP cost for doing this.

The 2,650 RP bundle is not discounted for players who already own Lulu as a champion.

Battle Pass Token Rewards

As mentioned above, unlocking the Space Groove pass gives players access to token rewards at the end of each game. Coins will be rewarded for every game played but the amount is higher for wins over losses.

Win a game of Summoner’s Rift10 tokens
Lose a game of Summoner’s Rift5 tokens
Win a game of ARAM6 tokens
Lose a game of ARAM3 tokens
Win a game of One for All6 tokens
Lose a game of One for All3 tokens
Achieve a rank of 1 or 2 in TFT8 tokens
Achieve a rank of 3 or 4 in TFT6 tokens
Achieve a rank of 5 or 6 in TFT4 tokens
Achieve a rank of 7 or 8 in TFT2 tokens

Space Groove Milestone Missions List

Purchasing the pass also unlocks 20 milestone missions for players to complete throughout the duration of the event. These missions are sequential, so the first milestone needs to be completed for the second to unlock, and so on. All milestone missions require 15 activity points to be completed. Players get 5 activity points for any matchmade win, and 2 points for any matchmade loss.

Milestone 1Space Groove Event Pass Icon
Milestone 25 Prestige Points
Milestone 310 Win XP Boost
Milestone 45 Prestige Points
Milestone 5Emote: No Talk, Me Sad
Milestone 65 Prestige Points
Milestone 71500 Blue Essence
Milestone 85 Prestige Points
Milestone 9Emote: GLOMP!
Milestone 105 Prestige Points
Milestone 11Emote: Keep Groovin’!
Milestone 121500 Blue Essence
Milestone 13500 Orange Essence
Milestone 14Mystery Emote Permanent
Milestone 151 Gemstone
Milestone 16Hextech Key
Milestone 171 Masterwork Chest
Milestone 18750 Orange Essence
Milestone 19Space Groove 2021 Orb
Milestone 201 Gemstone

Weekly Win Missions

The largest chunk of Space Groove event coins come from the pass-exclusive Weekly Win missions. These four simple missions unlock a whopping 1,000 event tokens. The only real objective is sustained activity.

These missions unlock on a weekly basis throughout the event and require activity points to be completed in the same way as the milestone missions listed above. Once again, the rate is 5 points for a win and 2 points for a loss.

Week 1 | Score 35 Points230 tokens
Week 2 | Score 35 Points230 tokens
Week 3 | Score 35 Points230 tokens
Week 4 | Score 50 Points310 tokens

Despite using the same scoring system, Weekly Win missions can be worked on alongside milestone missions.

For a more comprehensive overview of the Space Groove 2021 event, check out the official Riot Games dev blog.