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The 2022 League of Legends season is finally here and, with it, many new changes to the game. Yasuo is one of the most popular options in the mid lane in the current metagame, according to stats and data website U.GG, with a 13.7% pick rate across all regions and ranks in the current patch 12.1. As one of the most picked mid lane champions, players recognize the raw power Yasuo can bring to a team composition, and here’s how they capitalize on that in game. This guide is based on Season 11 Challenger Yasuo main, “구글 검색 코코팀”s current Season 12 build.

Yasuo runes and abilities

Yasuo wants to use Precision as his main tree and Resolve secondary with these individual choices:

  • Keystone: Lethal Tempo
  • Secondary: Triumph
  • Secondary: Legend: Alacrity
  • Secondary: Last Stand
  • Secondary: Second Wind
  • Secondary: Unflinching
  • Flex: Attack Speed
  • Flex: Adaptive Force
  • Flex: Armor

As for ability leveling, Yasuo players will want to start with their Q ability “Steel Tempest” From there, they should max Q at Level 9 and his E ability, “Sweeping Blade,” at Level 13, while putting points in his Ultimate “Last Breath” at every possible level.

Best Yasuo item build

  • Summoner Spells: Ignite + Flash
  • Starter items: Doran’s Blade + Health Potion
  • Mythic: Immortal Shieldbow
  • Legendary: Infinity Edge
  • Legendary: Death’s Dance
  • Boots: Berserker’s Greaves

Yasuo counters

According to U.GG, here are the top five champions that counter Yasuo in the mid lane. These counters are based on win rates across all ranks:

  • Sett (55.28% WR against Yasuo )
  • Anivia (54.4% WR against Yasuo )
  • Annie (54.18% WR against Yasuo )
  • Malzahar (54.17% WR against Yasuo )
  • Renekton (53.85% WR against Yasuo )

As for champions that Yasuo counters, here are his best matchups based on win rate:

  • Ryze (43.15% WR against Yasuo )
  • Twisted Fate (45.67% WR against Yasuo )
  • Zoe (47.36% WR against Yasuo )
  • Sylas (47.37% WR against Yasuo )
  • Akshan (47.48% WR against Yasuo)

Disclaimer: Upcomer and U.GG are both owned and operated by Enthusiast Gaming.

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