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The 2022 League of Legends season is finally here and, with it, a bunch of new changes to the game. Jhin is one of the premier marksman options in the bot lane in the current metagame. According to stats and data website U.GG, Jhin has the highest pick rate among bot lane champions with a whopping 22.9% across all regions and ranks. As the most popular ADC champion, players can see the raw power Jhin can bring to a team composition. Those looking to climb can follow this quick Jhin build guide, which is used by the current Rank 1 Challenger player, DK21.

Jhin runes and abilities

Jhin wants to use Precision as his main tree and Inspiration secondary with these individual choices:

  • Keystone: Fleet Footwork
  • Secondary: Presence of Mind
  • Secondary: Legend: Bloodline
  • Secondary: Coup de Grace
  • Secondary: Biscuit Delivery
  • Secondary: Time Warp Tonic
  • Flex: Adaptive Force
  • Flex: Adaptive Force
  • Flex: Armor

As for ability leveling, Jhin players will want to start with their Q ability “Dancing Grenade.” From there, they will look to max the Q ability at Level 9 and his W ability “Deadly Florish” at Level 14, while putting points in his Ultimate at every possible level.

Jhin item build

For the ideal item build, players will want to follow these guidelines:

  • Starter items: Boots + four health potions
  • Summoner Spells: Heal + Flash
  • Mythic: Galeforce
  • Legendary: Rapid Firecannon
  • Legendary: The Collector
  • Boots: Plated Steelcaps/Boots of Swiftness

Jhin counters

According to U.GG, here are the top five champions that counter Jhin in the bot lane. These counters are based on win rate.

  • Vayne (51.23% WR against Jhin)
  • Ziggs (51.09% WR against Jhin)
  • Yasuo (50.53% WR against Jhin)
  • Twitch (50.19% WR against Jhin)
  • Kog’Maw (49.79% WR against Jhin)

As for champions Jhin counters, here are his best matchups based on win rate:

  • Aphelios (45.02% WR against Jhin)
  • Lucian (46.73% WR against Jhin)
  • Varus (46.80% WR against Jhin)
  • Samira (47.04% WR against Jhin)
  • Xayah (47.14% WR against Jhin)

These are the champions that pair well with Jhin in lane according to the duo data on U.GG based on winrate:

  • Vel’Koz (54.92% WR with Jhin)
  • Zyra (53.83% WR with Jhin)
  • Sona (53.59% WR with Jhin)
  • Soraka (53.42% WR with Jhin)
  • Zilean (53.38% WR with Jhin)

Disclaimer: Upcomer and U.GG are both owned and operated by Enthusiast Gaming.

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