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The world of Pokémon has been growing rapidly since the original release of Red and Blue back in the late 90s. There have been more Pokémon added to the Pokédex, new types, abilities, mechanics, and other innovations added to the franchise. However, one overlooked area of innovation has been in the item department. There have been hundreds of new items added to the Pokémon franchise since the original games. Most notably, there have been over a dozen new Poké Balls added to a player’s repertoire, and all of them are on full display in the new games, Scarlet and Violet.

There are over 20 Poké Balls available to use in Scarlet and Violet. Most of them have been included in previous games, but there are new Poké Balls that fans can get accustomed to as well. The Poké Balls’ availability is mostly tied to the player’s current progression with their Gym Badges. The more Gym Badges they have, the more Poké Balls they can buy. If players want a full offering of the balls in Paldea, they can visit the Porto Marinada Auction House when they have all eight Gym Badges.

All Poké Balls in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet PokéBalls
Provided by Nintendo

Currently, we know of 22 total Poké Balls that you can either find, buy, or acquire in Paldea. You’ll find a full list of them below.

  1. Poké Ball
  2. Great Ball
  3. Ultra Ball
  4. Premier Ball
  5. Dive Ball
  6. Heal Ball
  7. Luxury Ball
  8. Dusk Ball
  9. Repeat Ball
  10. Net Ball
  11. Nest Ball
  12. Quick Ball
  13. Timer Ball
  14. Dream Ball
  15. Fast Ball
  16. Heavy Ball
  17. Friend Ball
  18. Moon Ball
  19. Lure Ball
  20. Love Ball
  21. Level Ball
  22. Master Ball

All of the available Poké Balls in Paldea can be found at the Porta Marinada Auction House, with the exception of the Master Ball (that’s given to you after the completion of the main story). The more common Poké Balls can also be purchased at the Delibird Presents stores or the standard PokéMart.

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