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In the late hours of June 17, CalebDMTG revealed his spoiler for Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2020: Leyline of the Void. Leyline is a long-awaited reprint and will play an important role in controlling the graveyard decks in Modern (looking at you, Hogaak), in Standard on MTG Arena, and in the “Arena Modern” format that is expected to be announced this fall after Standard rotation. Before we get into it, be sure to check out the new Leyline of Combustion and the reprinted Leyline of Sanctity!

Leyline of the Void, Core Set 2020, Hogaak, MTG Arena

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Why is Leyline of the Void important?

Modern has gotten quite full of graveyard-centered decks over the past few years. Gifts Storm, Izzet Phoenix, and Dredge have become hallmarks of the format, and all deeply rely on their graveyards for their primary game plans. Recently, Hogaak from Modern Horizons has inspired a new deck to join the ranks of the graveyard decks above — and it is crazy strong. This has driven the price of Leyline of the Void sky high. Reprinting this Leyline should help bring the price way down so that new players and budget players alike will have an effective way to combat the Hogaak madness in Modern.

In addition to the above, Standard rotation happens this fall. Players have spent all this year on Arena getting new cards and will need a place to play these cards after rotation happens. A new non-rotating format would be the perfect place to play these older cards, and we expect it to be announced later this year when rotation happens. It will be similar to Modern in that the cards in it will always be legal (except for bans), but the starting point of the format will be a far more recent set. If this is the case, the format will definitely need strong graveyard hate, and Leyline of the Void is indeed that.

Standard decks on MTG Arena may also utilize Leyline of the Void. It shuts down Command the Dreadhorde decks and (kind of) Izzet Drakes, which are both pretty popular.

Stay tuned!

Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2020 spoiler season is in full swing, and Daily Esports is here to keep you up to date! You can check out our daily recap for yesterday, and our MTG news page!