Leviatán head coach will miss Stage 2 Masters after positive COVID tests
Onur Leviatán
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Leviatán head coach will miss Stage 2 Masters after positive COVID tests

The head coach of Leviatán will miss out on his teams first international LAN

Leviatán head coach Rodrigo “Onur” Dalmagro will miss the VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 Stage 2 Masters in Copenhagen, Denmark after testing positive for COVID-19. He confirmed this in a tweet just before the event began, stating that he traveled to the event and tested positive. He will support the team remotely, but will not attend the event in person.

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Leviatán lose their head coach

With Copenhagen beginning VALORANT’s history of live international LAN events, the event organizers are still holding similar COVID rules to previous LAN events. Those rules were key reasons as to why some teams lost players in previous international tournaments. For example, top European team Fnatic lost Nikita “Derke” Sirmitev due to an untimely COVID outbreak for Stage 1 Masters.

In Onur’s scenario, he described his recent case of COVID and his positive tests. He mentions that his quarantine period of seven days is over, but his tests continued to appear positive. He first had symptoms on June 28 and tested positive on July 3, five days after his symptoms first appeared. Every day afterwards, including the day of his announcement, he continued to test positive. Due to the time that had passed, he was able to travel to Chile and Denmark without issue. However, Riot prevented him from attending the event due to his recent positive COVID test.

Onur then stated that he went through all internal communication channels, and couldn’t see a better solution than to bow out.

Onur’s past with COVID-19

Now, this isn’t the only scenario that Onur has had with COVID-19 and VALORANT. Just after he helped lead KRÜ Esports to a great finish at VCT 2021 Champions, he was set to coach Brazilian team LOUD. However, it didn’t go through after he refused to provide the vaccination passports to migrate to Brazil.

He talked about that a lot on Twitter, eventually becoming head coach for Leviatán and competing against his old team in the Latin America region. Now, he was finally set to return to an international LAN, until this positive COVID test prevented him. Leviatán will be able to face off against his old team at Masters, but without their coach due to COVID. But, Onur will be watching from the sidelines.

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