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On Day 7 of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen tournament, both FunPlus Phoenix and Leviatán continued through the knockouts. In the first series, FPX eliminated Guild Esports in a roller-coaster 2-1 series. Then, with Leviatán versus XSET, it was a tight series that the Latin America team squeaked through, with both teams fighting tooth and nail to keep playing in the tournament.

The first series of the lower bracket day was FunPlus Phoenix versus Guild Esports, another regional matchup. Starting on Ascent, FPX got an early lead and built to a 7-5 half. While Guild kept it close, a clean 4k from Dmitry “SUYGETSU” Ilyushin, back in the roster, clutched the map 13-11. Yet, on Breeze, the match started to tilt in Guild’s favor. Guild built an early lead and never eased up, heading into the half perfect, up 12-0. Even as FPX managed to win the first three rounds, Guild got the map 13-3. This left it all on Bind, where for the second time, FPX built an early lead. Heading into the half up 9-3, FPX were in the driver’s seat. They kept it up and won the map 13-4 and series 2-1. Guild were eliminated from the competition but kept their head held high in their first international LAN.

The second series of the day was Leviatán versus XSET, the top seed in Latin America versus the top seed in North America. Starting on Split, XSET built their lead while on the attack; hitting the half up 8-4, the map got close but XSET kept the lead to win it 13-9. Heading to Ascent, XSET ended up winning more crucial rounds, hitting halftime up 8-4. The teams traded rounds, tied at 10-10. It hit overtime, thanks to Marco “Melser” Amaro’s clutch performances in both rounds 23 and 24, and he won the second overtime to tie the series. On Haven, Leviatán just ran away with an early lead, 9-3 at the half. But XSET fought back, tying it at 10-10. Another overtime arrived, with this one deciding it all. It went to triple overtime, but a clean plant and spam on-site won Leviatán the map and series.

Play of the day

Melser arguably had one of the best clutch performances across a series we’ve ever seen in his series against XSET. In seven clutch scenarios on Haven, he won four of them for an absurd 57% clutch rate. However, one of the best examples of his form was on the previous map, with this 1v4 on Split.

Day 7 Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen MVP

Our play of the day also leads to our Day 7 MVP: Melser. In the moments they needed him most, Melser won Leviatán map two almost single-handedly. He ended up leading the team in kills (61), plus/minus at 6 and led the lobby in headshot accuracy at 33%. He wasn’t as crucial to map three as he was on map two, but considering that Leviatán were one round from losing three separate times on Ascent and Melser pulled them through, he deserves a lot of credit in Leviatán’s continued run at Day 7 of Stage 2 Masters.

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