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LEGO Fortnite has taken over the battle royale. The survival game has become one of the most popular updates to ever happen, bringing farming, community building, and more to the game. With so many gamers grinding LEGO Fortnite, however, they’re starting to wonder if any new content will arrive. Luckily Epic has a lot of content planned.

There are a lot of trustworthy LEGO Fortnite leaks that have taken the gaming world by storm. Here are some content updates that will most likely arrive in the future.

LEGO Fortnite update plans show new creatures

It seems like we will be getting some content updates quite soon, if leaks are to be believed. One of the most exciting updates to expect in the near future are creatures. Here are some of the new creatures that will create mobs in LEGO Fortnite:

  • Bats
  • Brown Bears
  • Black Bears
  • Eagles
  • Big Foot
  • Rift Rollers
  • Rift Brutes
  • Rift Skeleton Miners

The rift creatures are especially interesting and will utilize the game’s rifting mechanic, possibly dropping items as they traverse the map.

Pirates coming to LEGO Fortnite

Pirates is one of the most anticipated leaked content updates coming to LEGO Fortnite. Leakers are claiming that there will be pirate ships on the map that have cannons. It’s unclear if they will be sailable or stationary right now, but since players can build moving vehicles it’s definitely a possibility.

Before you can commandeer a ship, however, you’ll have to interact with a pirate captain. Some are friends and some are enemies — you’ll find out when you get onto the ship. Some ships will also be “undead,” occupied by an undead captain and their skeleton crew.

LEGO Ninjago in Fortnite

Another hype leak points at a LEGO x Ninjago crossover. Leakers are claiming that LEGO Fortnite will be getting Ninjago skins, not available in the battle royale or other game modes. As the first skins exclusive to LEGO Fortnite, this is big news.

Dataminers have found the following names in LEGO Fortnite’s files:

  • General Vex
  • Blizzard Archers
  • Sword Masters

LEGO Ninjago enemies and bosses will also be coming to LEGO Fortnite. Some leakers also believe there will be build items related to this collaboration as well. For now, we will have to wait for official updates from Epic.