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When you open your inventory in LEGO Fortnite, you’ll see four equipment slots in the bottom-right corner of the menu. The game doesn’t do a great job of explaining what they are for, so here’s how equipment slots work and what you should put in them in LEGO Fortnite.

When you open your inventory, you are met with three distinct sections. The majority of the screen is all the items you’re carrying in your backpack, the bottom left is your quickbar of items and tools you can access when running around, and the equipment section is at the bottom right.

If you try to move any of your tools like a pickaxe to the equipment section, however, nothing will happen. So what is it actually for?

LEGO Fortnite equipment slots explained

The are four slots in the LEGO Fortnite equipment section. The first three are where you can place charms and totems, while the fourth and final slot is exclusively for your glider.

You cannot place any tools here, such as Grapplers, pickaxes, or Forest Axes. These need to go into your quickbar if you want to use them.

A screenshot of the LEGO Fortnite inventory menu, showing the equipment slots.
Equipment goes in the bottom-right of your inventory. Screenshot via Upcomer

Best Charms and Totems for your equipment slots

Choosing the best charms for your equipment slots is a tough ask, but after playing the game, these are the three that I am almost always carrying around:

  • Regeneration Charm: Regenerates health over time
  • Charm of Resilience: Grants bonus defense for a few seconds after taking damage
  • Totem of the Immortal: Revive after taking lethal damage. Destroys itself when used

For me, these three make you untouchable and can get you out of sticky situations. The Regeneration Charm is useful because you are always getting hearts back in combat, so if you find yourself in trouble, you can back off and heal for a moment before reengaging.

The Charm of Resilience is a great help if you get attacked while unprepared, while the Totem of the Immortal is essentially a “get out of jail free” card if you die in combat.

I do also tend to keep Inner Fire and Cool-Headed Charms with me depending on where I am going. Inner Fire will keep you warm in cold climates, while Cool-Headed will make sure you don’t burn up in Dry Valleys.

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