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The latest expansion in Destiny 2 has two different modes that players can choose from, with Lightfall offering a regular and legendary mode. Here is how to narrow down which mode is best for you, as well as what separates these two modes from each other.

Be Brave or Become Legend

When it comes to these two mode options for Destiny 2 Lightfall, it’s pretty straightforward. The regular mode, dubbed “Be Brave,” is a classic Destiny 2 campaign, single-player or with friends. Loot will spawn regularly, and rarer loot will be available from boss fights and set drops.

However, where the intrigue comes in is the legendary mode, dubbed ‘Become Legend’. It’s a tougher version of the same campaign, with harder missions and stronger enemies. The description of the mode itself warns people that this mode is meant for not only experienced players, but ones with a variety of weapons available to use against potential foes.

Become Legend offers extra loot

When hovering over both modes from the campaign menu, the Become Legend mode offers extra loot to whoever completes it.

Destiny 2 Lightfall mode
The loot for the legendary Lightfall campaign in Destiny 2. | Provided by Michael Czar.

On top of a high-power gear bundle, upgrade modules and Strand Meditations, you get Exotic Armor for completing the legendary Lightfall campaign. Whether that piece of armor is a set drop or a random one is currently unknown.

If you want to see how tough the Become Legend mode is before making your decision, there is an option to swap modes mid-campaign.