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According to leaks from the v10.20 update files, a Fortnite x It crossover is happening. Already in the middle of a crossover with Borderlands, Epic Games doesn’t look to be done marketing their game. In the v10.20 files, we can find a distinct Pennywise laugh and the model for his signature balloon. It Chapter Two releases in theaters on Sept. 4, so if this is going to happen it will be relatively soon. This will be Epic Games’ latest in a series of high-profile Hollywood crossovers.

The Fortnite x It Chapter Two crossover

It appears both of these entertainment giants are keen on collaborations. Fortnite is currently knee-deep in a crossover with Borderlands 3, as Pandora and its art style have come to the Fortnite island. With It Chapter Two, there are rumblings that the upcoming Modern Warfare could feature Pennywise and his red balloon.

Fortnite borderlands
Fortnite is already in the midst of a Borderlands crossover. Could It be next?

However, a Fortnite x It crossover could be both exciting and terrifying all at once. As with all Fortnite crossovers, there will most definitely be some kind of skin in the Item Shop relating to Pennywise, the killer clown in It.

We could see more than just a skin or bundle in the shop though. With their most recent Hollywood partnerships, Epic Games usually implements a game mode or Easter egg in Fortnite. With Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, we saw two different game modes. When Stranger Things came to Fortnite, there was an Upside Down portal located on the map.

It provides the perfect opportunity for a game mode of some kind. Pennywise could play a role similar to Thanos in the Infinity Gauntlet game mode. One player becomes the killer clown and has a red balloon at their disposal for traversing the map along with some combat moves to take out enemies.

The evidence behind this collaboration

Thanks to @HYPEX and @FortTory, two notable Fortnite leakers, we know a crossover is coming with the aforementioned audio and balloon being present.

This leaves no doubt as to the reality of a crossover. Although, we still don’t know when it is happening. Sept. 4 or earlier seems like a logical date in order to drum up marketing for It Chapter Two.

What do you think about this potential crossover? Stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Fortnite coverage.