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Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has been the subject of criticism since it was initially revealed earlier this month at Call of Duty Next.

When content creators showcased the game for the first time, many of them and their fans were disappointed with what they saw. It seemed like the developers made a plethora of unnecessary changes to the core gameplay loop of Warzone. Fan complaints mainly focused on the loadout changes, A.I. on the map, and a clunky looting system. Luckily, it seems like the developers took this feedback to heart.

According to one reputable leaker in the community, Warzone 2 currently looks drastically different than it did at COD Next. The developers have reportedly made several changes, most of which are in direct response to community feedback. This was what most fans were hoping for with Warzone 2, as a majority of players felt the game was a step back from the current version of Warzone. The same can’t be said for Modern Warfare 2, as many players are upset with the developers for not listening to feedback.

The leaker in question is @Metaahpor, who has accurately leaked information regarding Warzone 2 previously. Metaaphor leaks their information in emoji riddles, so it’s not 100% confirmed what they’re saying. However, using deduction, we can decipher what their most recent leak means. Their recent tweet lists some potential changes that Warzone 2 has seen since COD Next.

If we’re reading these emojis correctly, then here’s what we think each of the leaks means:

  1. There’s no longer A.I. all across the map of al Mazrah
  2. There’s only A.I. at the Strongholds on the map
  3. Loadouts and Perks have returned to the game in their normal form
  4. Looting has been reverted to its current form in Warzone

If these leaks are even half correct, then many fans will have a much better outlook for Warzone 2. It remains to be seen if Metaaphor is correct, but apparently, these changes have been implemented in recent playtests. We’ll have to wait and see if these changes are actually coming to the game or not.

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