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About Upcomer

We're just getting started

April 15,2021 12:01 am EDT

This is Upcomer, a place for people who revere esports not just for the technical prowess these players display, but for the passion they put into the games you love. We aim to capture the past, present and future of esports with storytellers who are dedicated to going deeper than the surface level esports journalism you see today. Upcomer is not here to just tell you what happened. We’re going to tell you why it matters, what’s next and how we got to where we are.

We’re also setting ourselves apart with our commitment to rigorous ethical standards. We are an entirely independent publication from Enthusiast’s other offerings, and we’ve started an unprecedented partnership in esports with guidance from the Poynter Institute, a journalism watchdog organization, to ensure our publication sets a new standard for journalism ethics in the space.

Upcomer’s goal is to be beyond reproach in its reporting. We share the good, the bad and the ugly, without favor, every time. Our focus, in video, writing and on our app, is on longform stories and creating the best esports journalism on the planet while also providing a hub for everything you need to know about all your favorite players, teams and games.

We will be active in telling stories about marginalized communities and make sure that everyone who comes to our platforms knows they are enthusiastically welcomed. In turn, we will also be active in our reporting on those who do the opposite and tackle issues in esports that other publications shy away from.

We want you here. We want to prove we’re trustworthy. We want you to know you matter, that your passion matters, that your story matters, just as much as Faker’s, or Bumper’s or the millions of other fans cheering alongside you.

Welcome to the Upcomer. We look forward to serving you.

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