Leaked VALORANT files reveal new lore and tease new Agent
Sova in a VALORANT lore cinematic
Sova in a VALORANT lore cinematic | Provided by Riot Games

Leaked VALORANT files reveal new lore and tease new Agent

Files from VALORANT's PBE reveal several Agents' real names and backstories

Datamined files from the VALORANT PBE, which is on Patch 4.05, have revealed new lore around several Agents including Neon, Sova, Cypher, Breach, Killjoy and Skye. The files include new Agent dossiers, a new email from Cypher and a new voicemail from Sova, all of which seem to set up both a new Agent and a mission cinematic to accompany said Agent’s release.

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The VALORANT agents’ real names

The Agent dossiers are all written from the point of view of the mysterious figure currently surveilling VALORANT’s Agents and threatening to reveal the protocol to the world. The dossiers reveal more Agent real names after several were revealed in the dossiers added to the live game in Patch 4.04. The new full names revealed are:

  • Neon – Tala Nicole Dimaapi Valdez
  • Sova – Sasha Novikov
  • Cypher – Amir El Amari
  • Breach – Erik Torsten
  • Killjoy – Klara Böhringer
  • Skye – Kirra Foster

The dossiers also give more information about the VALORANT Agents’ personal lore. They hint at dark secrets in each Agent’s past, such as an incident where Sova’s aim faltered when he needed it most, or Killjoy’s inventions being used for nefarious purposes.

Teasing a new cinematic

Of the Agents with new dossiers, four of them are involved in Sova’s new voicemail to Brimstone. In it, he outlines his recommendations for the “strike team to apprehend [the] blackmailer.” Sova mentions Cypher, Chamber, Breach, Neon and KAY/O along with himself. Especially considering most of the mentioned characters have not yet played a prominent role in a cinematic, this sounds like it could be setting up a cinematic where these six agents confront and apprehend the blackmailer.

The 19th VALORANT Agent

A new email from Cypher gives a hint as to how this mission might end. In it, he writes that they have traced the blackmailer to somewhere in Turkey and asks Brimstone what they will do when they find the blackmailer, as Brimstone’s “conscience is too troublesome for an execution.”

The fact that Brimstone doesn’t want to kill the blackmailer is a sign that the VALORANT protocol may end up recruiting them instead, especially when paired with a voicemail from Viper that came with Patch 4.04. In it, she states that they cannot keep relying on Sova in the field and Cypher’s network of information does not help in combat. She ends her voicemail by saying, “if we’re going to survive, we need more information. We need more eyes.”

Given that the mysterious blackmailer has been represented by a literal eye so far, this seems like a clear-cut hint at a new Agent with recon abilities being added to the game. Viper’s differentiation between Sova and Cypher also indicates that they will be an Initiator, rather than a Sentinel.

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