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Now that we are all accustomed to the latest League of Legends patch and the plethora of changes it has brought with it, we can take a dive into the best champions for every role. Starting off with a role that is very near and dear to me, we have the mid lane. Without further ado, let us dive in.


Morgana | League of Legends patch 9.8: Top 3 mid laners mid lane

Since Morgana got her visual update, she has been thriving in both the mid lane and as a support. This patch, things are no different, as she continues to demonstrate her ability to turn the tides of battle in this age of infinite damage. She is able to make incredible use of Hextech GLP and Twin Shadows to catch out key targets, thus allowing for the opportunity to force a favorable team fight. Her laning phase is also incredibly safe, due to her long-range wave-clear ability and the use of Black Shield to stop her being CCed during gank attempts. She has been slept on for a while, but people are finally beginning to notice how strong she can be, as she skyrockets to a 58.56 percent ban rate this patch, beating out everyone’s most hated champion, Yasuo.

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Ahri | League of Legends patch 9.8: Top 3 mid laners mid lane

Ahri has always been a safe pick in any situation due to her incredibly versatile kit. She is able to escape difficult situations with no effort, and she can just as easily engage on unsuspecting prey, bursting them out faster than they can say “oops.” She synergizes incredibly well with either Glacial Augment or Electrocute, allowing her the versatility to choose between being a burst assassin or a utility mage, the latter of which is indispensable in the current meta. With the latest patch, Ahri continues her rampage, becoming the highest win-rate mid laner in the game at 54.3 percent with the second highest pick rate at 11.5 percent, being only surpassed by Zed. With no signs of stopping, it seems like the nine-tailed fox won’t be going anywhere for a while.


Talon | League of Legends patch 9.8: Top 3 mid laners mid lane

With the recent Lissandra and control mage nerfs, Talon is finally in a prime position to begin terrorizing the mid lane once again. Talon is the best roamer in the entire game, able to shove waves and quickly dive into another lane for a kill. With this insane map pressure, he can easily snowball both himself and his other lanes. Whilst he currently sits in the middle of the pack with a 52.7 percent win rate and 5 percent pick rate, he has incredible potential. So if you want to gain some free LP, best start playing him before everyone catches on to your shenanigans.

Honorable Mention: Taliyah


Much Like Talon, Taliyah is starting to see a resurgence due to the nerfs of her competitors. She has finally caught up in terms of damage to the rest of the pack, and when combined with her great roam potential she has the ability to take over games in the right hands. She may require a bit more time to learn than the rest of the champs on our list, but she is definitely worth the effort to learn.

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