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League of Legends got its newest jungler yesterday in the form of Lillia. She’s an AP damage dealer with decent mobility and a great ultimate. Here’s the runes you should take, the items you should build, and which skills you should max.

Lillia’s abilities

When playing Lillia in the jungle, you should unlock Q first, then W at level two, and E at three. You should max Q, then W, then E as well.

  • Passive – Dream-Laden Bough: Lillia applies Dream Dust to enemies she damages, which deals damage over time.
  • Q – Blooming Blows: This is an AOE attack similar to Darius’ Q where Lillia spins her weapon in a circle around her. It also gives her movement speed for every enemy she attacks, stacking up to five times.
  • W – Watch Out! Eep!: Lillia slams down a target location, dealing magic damage to enemies she hits. This ability deals more damage to enemies in the center of the ability.
  • E – Swirlseed: Lillia rolls a projectile that keeps rolling until it hits terrain or an enemy unit. It slows, damages, and reveals enemies it hits. Swirlseed can travel all the way across the map if it’s uninterrupted.
  • R – Lilting Lullaby: This move will probably be called “Tilting Lullaby” by the community. It puts any enemy with Dream Dust on them to sleep after 1.5 seconds (similar to Zoe’s Sleepy Trouble Bubble).

Lillia’s abilities make her a strong ganker and teamfighter once she hits level six. She can get into the fray with her W and deal damage and apply her passive with Q. Once her passive is on a few enemies, hit R and watch them fall asleep. Don’t forget to also get your slow on enemies to keep up to them with Swirlseed.

Runes and items

So far, players have experimented with several rune pages, but Phase Rush seems to be popular. Phase Rush allows Lillia to keep up with enemies and run them down to apply her Dream Dust and get big ultimates off. You can also grab Nimbus Cloak and Waterwalking from the Sorcery tree, which are all but essential runes for the junglers. For your secondary tree, you can go Precision, Domination, or Inspiration. Legend: Tenacity and Coup De Grace from the Precision tree work well with her to help her chase down enemies and get kills.

Lillia runes

As for items, Lillia should always build Runic Echoes first with Sorcerers Boots. This will help her clear the jungle and increase her damage. After this, you will have some options. Riot recommends going with Liandry’s Torment, but this may not always be the best option. If enemies have a lot of healing (which is common with how strong Death’s Dance is), building Morellonomicon second is a good option. Zhonya’s Hourglass is never a bad idea either, especially if you are against enemies like Zed or Yasuo. You can always go with Liandry’s Rylai’s as well.

Make sure to stay up to date with more Lillia guides and other Champions. Keep in mind that people will undoubtedly try to play Lillia in roles other than jungler as well. She could make for a decent mid-laner or support Champion as well!

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