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The latest Hearthstone patch will let players upgrade to golden cards and share deck codes in chat, Blizzard revealed on Monday. Arriving on May 10, Hearthstone patch 23.2 will also feature a new Battlegrounds season, Mercenaries updates and more.

Golden cards in latest Hearthstone patch

With patch 23.2, players will be able to upgrade their normal cards into golden ones. Players will get to craft their most coveted golden cards as well. To upgrade a card, one must use Arcane Dust, and the amount of it required is the difference between the card’s base cost and its golden cost.

According to the developer comment, this new feature will be a smooth and convenient experience. Blizzard also revealed that players will get the full dust value of any upgraded normal card.

“It’s also cheaper now to turn your normal cards Golden, making it more enticing for players to enjoy that attractive option!” the developer notes added.

Voyage to the Sunken City key art
Voyage to the Sunken City key art. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

How to share deck codes in Hearthstone chat

Sharing deck codes with another player via chat will be possible in the latest Hearthstone patch.

To do this, a player simply has to click into their in-game chat and paste in the code. The recipient can then be copied into the deck builder.

“Deck codes were one of the largest convenience improvements ever added to the game, but actually sharing those deck codes in-game was always rough,” the developer notes revealed. “We set out to solve that issue and make this powerful sharing tool an even better experience.”

The Leeroy card back is red and gold, featuring two drumsticks and hearts.
Hearthstone patch will let players favorite more than one card back. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

How to favorite multiple Hearthstone card backs

Instead of just one card back, a player can favorite a bunch of them with the latest patch. This means a player will randomly equip one of their favorites each game.

For those who want random card backs entirely, they can toggle their decks to use any card back. This can be done by unchecking the “Favorites Only” option. These card back settings are saved on a deck-by-deck basis, according to Blizzard. This means when players open up packs, for example, the most recent settings will take precedence.

Queen Azshara and Naga Queen Azshara artwork
Queen Azshara and Naga Queen Azshara artwork. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Rise of the Naga season in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Rise of the Naga will be the inaugural Hearthstone Battlegrounds season, and arriving with it will be the new Spellcraft keyword, Naga minion type plus Queen Azshara as a new hero.

Minions that have the Spellcraft keyword grant the player a temporary spell each turn. This particular spell can buff minions while lasting until the beginning of one’s next recruit phase. Spellcraft spells also leave a player’s hand at the end of their turn. If a player’s hand is full, then Spellcraft spells will “wait” until there’s room in their hand. As for golden Spellcraft minions, they provide golden versions of the Spellcraft spells and have double the effect.

The Naga minion type will arrive at Bob’s Tavern in the latest Hearthstone patch as well. They will make their grand entrance alongside a bunch of new minions plus the return of Nightmare Amalgam and Bristleback Knight.

Below is the full list of minions arriving to Hearthstone Battlegrounds:

  • Naga minions: Corrupted Myrmidon, Critter Wrangler, Deep-Sea Angler, Eelbound Archer, Eventide Brute, Glowscale, Lava Lurker, Mini-Myrmidon, Pashmar the Vengeful, Shell Collector, Shoal Commander, Snail Cavalry, Stormscale Siren, Tidemistress Athissa, Waverider
  • New minions: Darkgaze Elder, Mantid Queen Orgozoa, the Tender, Reef Explorer, Young Merk-Eye, Leeroy the Reckless
  • Returning minions: Nightmare Amalgam, Bristleback Knight

As for other minion pool updates, Champion of Y’Shaarj, Deadly Spore, Amalgadon, Seafood Slinger, and Captain Flat Tusk will be removed from it.

The Rise of the Naga season will not be complete without Queen Azshara, so she will be a new hero within the game mode. Her passive is Azshara’s Ambition, and when a player’s warband reaches 30 in total, Azshara transforms into Naga Queen Azshara. When a player becomes Naga Queen Azshara, they can use the Naga Conquest hero power for one gold and discover a Naga minion.

Additionally, Battlegrounds Buddies will leave the game mode with the latest patch. In a video, Octavian “Kripparrian” Morosan and Hearthstone Battlegrounds Game Designer Dominic Calkosz confirmed that Battlegrounds Buddies will rotate out to make room for Naga.

“That will be a big shake-up in itself, but it also gives us space to do more powerful things and have less complication going on overall,” Calkosz said.

 N’Zoth artwork
N’Zoth artwork. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Latest Hearthstone patch features N’Zoth

N’Zoth will arrive to Hearthstone Mercenaries in the latest patch, featuring a limited-time event. Players must complete 10 special tasks in order to receive the N’Zoth Mercenary, a random golden N’Zoth portrait, the N’Zoth diamond portrait and over 750 total Mercenaries Coins. Meanwhile, Toki will return after a player completes the 10 event tasks.

This event will appear alongside several Mercenary reworks plus the new Darkshore Zone. As for other updates in this game mode, the new fatigue system within the Fighting Pit will make characters take double the damage after 10 turns of combat.

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