BeNice becomes first Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends champion
BeNice becomes first Hearthstone Battlegrounds Lobby Legends champion
Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

BeNice becomes first Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends champion

BeNice wins the crown after earning a total of 27.5 points

After a weekend of intense matches, Mario “BeNice” Müller became the Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends Raid Leaders champion. He took home the majority of the $50,000 prize pool and became the first player to win a Lobby Legends event.

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Hearthstone Battlegrounds Lobby Legends standings
Lobby Legends standings. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends Raid Leaders

Between April 2-3, 16 players duked it out against each other in Hearthstone Battlegrounds. Competitors split into two groups and played three matches per lobby on Saturday, with the top four of eight advancing to Day 2.

Championship Sunday then featured the top eight players dueling under the check format. This new Hearthstone format required competitors to get a minimum of 20 points by placing well round after round before securing a first place finish. Only the player who could satisfy both conditions would win the Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends Raid Leaders tournament.

BeNice competing in Hearthstone Battlegrounds Lobby Legends
BeNice competing in Lobby Legends Raid Leaders. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

After four games, BeNice had put the lobby in check. From there, it only took him one more game to achieve victory. After winning, BeNice celebrated on Twitter, thanking the Hearthstone Esports team for the invitation and Jia Dee and Slysssa for providing commentary during the live broadcast. BeNice also noted his enjoyment of the tournament and thanked players for the games.

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BeNice became the first-ever Lobby Legends Raid Leaders champion, but the Hearthstone Battlegrounds action isn’t over yet. The action will continue in May with Lobby Legends Noblegarden.

After Lobby Legends Noblegarden, the third event of its kind will happen between June 25-26. Interested competitors have until the end of April to fight their way to the top and earn a place in the qualifier. As for Hearthstone community members and players who wish to co-stream the tournament, they have until May 31 to submit an application via Blizzard.

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