Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends Noblegarden features co-streams and community engagement
Hearthstone Battlegrounds Lobby Legends Noblegarden
Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends Noblegarden features co-streams and community engagement

The Noblegarden event is May 14-15
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Hearthstone will hold Lobby Legends Noblegarden, its second Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends event of 2022 between May 14-15, Blizzard Entertainment announced on Wednesday.

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At the end of February, the top 16 ladder players from the American, European and Asia-Pacific regions will receive invitations to a qualifying tournament. This event will include 48 players, be off-broadcast and take place on April 30.

Next, four players from China will join the top 12 competitors to duke it out for a share of the $50,000 prize pool. These matches will be broadcast on Twitch and YouTube.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Lobby Legends Noblegarden prizing information
Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends prizing information. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Engaging the Hearthstone community

According to the announcement, competitors will get to co-stream their games during each Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends event. Players will also get a chance to co-stream Raid Leaders, which runs from April 2-3, and Noblegarden.

“Competitors will be able to co-stream their matches during each Lobby Legends event, but we’d love for more members of the community to get involved,” Blizzard wrote. “If you are interested in streaming Lobby Legends on your own channels, and leveling up your casting abilities to the next Tier, then we want to hear from you.”

Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends players must apply through a survey before March 21 to co-stream Raid Leaders. As for Noblegarden, streamers must apply before May 2. Blizzard will review the requests and choose who will co-stream each Lobby Legends event.

More Hearthstone esports

As players anticipate the second Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends event, they can also look forward to the upcoming Masters Tour Ruins of Alterac tournament.

Fans can also visit YouTube on a weekly basis to catch all of the Hearthstone Grandmasters 2022 Season 1 action. Between Feb. 25 and March 13, weekly tournaments begin each Thursday off-broadcast. The players with the most points will advance to the weekend stages.

Total Hearthstone 2022 prizing overview
Total Hearthstone 2022 prizing overview. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

The format for the first season of Hearthstone Grandmasters 2022 will change weekly. The first week happened between Feb. 24-27 and featured the conquest format. Week 2, which begins on Thursday, will feature the Trio format. Week 3, from March 10-13 , will feature Last Hero Standing before the March 25-27 playoffs return to conquest.

Each week, players will earn points based on their number of wins, and these points will determine if they will head to the playoffs happening between March 25-27.

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