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Almost like clockwork, a couple of weeks before a Season ends in Fortnite, something changes on the map. In Season 3, there was the meteor. In Season 4, the preparations for the rocket launch took place. Well, the teasers for Season 9 are here, as various runes and lasers have begun appearing around the island.

The great thing about Fortnite events is that no one truly knows what’s going on. Some will speculate and guess with theories, but nobody except for Epic Games knows the outcome. In seasons past though, some events have been easier to guess. The meteor falling to the map was almost sure to crash somewhere, but no one knew where.

However, Season 9 is a complete mystery. Many fans in the community have conjured up theories, but which ones will prove to be true?

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What’s happened so far?

A few weeks ago, strange construction sites began appearing around the map at various points of interest. With every new update, a new site was put in a different location. While these alone didn’t mean much, a couple of updates later, strange runes began appearing.

These runes appeared near the construction sites and one started slowly moving towards Loot Lake. Eventually, the rune that had a pickaxe on it plugged itself into one of the five slots in the middle of Loot Lake.

The rune just plugged in. from FortNiteBR

Later in the week, the second rune made its way to the Lake. This one, with three connected circles, brought three lasers onto the map. These lasers, located at the Volcano, Pleasant Park, and the Tree of Life, were originally facing different directions.

Runes and Lasers have mysteriously begun appearing in Loot Lake

They soon connected with help from the players and the laser rune plugged itself in alongside the previous rune.

The most likely theory

Even though all we can do is speculate, there are some solid theories from the community.

On Reddit, the most popular guess is one that involves Loot Lake absorbing the volcano. In this theory, the five runes will plug in and open up the Loot Lake door. While this is going on, the currently smoking volcano will erupt, and the overflowing lava will find its way to the opening.

With both the volcano and Loot Lake being the center of the in-game events, it seems likely that both will be involved. With Season 8 coming to a close, this could be Epic Games’ way of removing the volcano from the map.

Will epic games remove the Season 8 Volcano for the start of Season 9?

Another theory that has been guessed is the potential for this event to coincide with the Avengers event. Teased yesterday and again today by Fortnite, an Avengers mode is coming to the game on Thursday. Coincidentally, this gives each of the remaining runes enough time to make their way to the lake.

Considering that the rune event has been in the game for quite some time, the theory that ties it to the Avengers is likely not very probable.

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