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After a tight first map against Fnatic during Day 3 of VALORANT Champions, Kim “Lakia” Jong-min went to Twitter to express his disappointment in himself after the 10-13 loss on Icebox.

“F***,” he said online.

“I get mad because we lose every game I play,” he followed up with minutes later.

The former NUTURN Gaming player is considered one of the top competitors at the event, but only plays as a substitute for certain maps. For this specific matchup, Lakia only played in the first map and sat out the rest of the series. The Initiator player came out of the map a 13/15 Kill/Death ratio on Sova and played a decent map. He went positive against almost all of Fnatic, but that performance was not enough.

According to his teammate, Yu “BuZz” Byung-chul, Lakia is a boon to Vision Strikers when he comes in to play.

“As a person, he gives us off a really positive energy and so he has that effect,” BuZz said. “And he’s there to make certain important calls throughout the game. So I think those communication and atmosphere sort of aspects are the biggest points we have when Lakia plays with us.”

After Lakia voiced his frustrations, many in the VALORANT community and other pros at Champions sent their condolences to the South Korean player.

Cloud9’s Anthony “vanity” Malaspina responds

Vanity didn’t send Lakia words, but instead a ghost hug gif to provide some digital comfort.

Natus Vincere’s Vladyslav “arch” Svistov responds

“Bro dont let it get into your head, its not your fault, everyone understands that, u will get another chance and prove it no worries,” arch replied.

Vision Strikers went on to lose their series against Fnatic 2-1. The South Korean team tied the map score after winning Haven. But Fnatic ran them over on Fracture, winning nine of the first 10 rounds.

Vision Strikers went on to end the map with a respectable scoreline of 6-13 and will now go down to the group’s lower bracket. They will face either FULL SENSE or Cloud9 for the last slot in the group for the knockout stage.