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“kysk” won the fourth annual Smash 64 Combo Contest at Super Smash Con 2019. In doing so, he dethroned the three-time Combo Contest champion, “Prince.” This is the first year where Prince did not win Smash Con’s Combo Contest. In fact, Prince did not even make it to the final round at this event.

This year’s Smash 64 Combo Contest at Super Smash Con 2019 was commentated by “KeroKeroppi” and Ryan “Clubbadubba” Clubb. It included five judges from a variety of Smash titles. The judges were: Daniel “SuPeRbOoMfAn” Hoyt, Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma, Eric “ESAM” Lew, “wario,” and Stef “pidgezero_one” Kischak.

To open up the event, kysk performed a fast-paced Captain Falco combo on Planet Zebes. He successfully completed this combo on his first try. In a contest where many failed to complete their combos, this sat well with the judges. As a result, the judges gave him a collective score of 47. This gave kysk the highest score going into the second round.

In his second round combo, kysk did not use any items. Creating an interesting combo without using items has become a rarity in the Smash 64 Combo Contest at Smash Con. However, kysk made the combo unique by using Kirby’s multiple jumps to perform most of the combo offstage. This combo earned kysk a score of 44, which was once again the highest of that round.

His final two combos of the night earned kysk a collective score of 95. He finished with a Captain Falcon combo on Mushroom Kingdom that made use of Motion Sensor Bombs. A CPU Yoshi bounced off of walls and Bombs four times before kysk finished with a flashy Falcon Punch.

Other highlights from the Smash 64 Smash Con Combo Contest

Runner-up Jaime “JaimeHR” Rodríguez defied all expectations to reach the final round of the Smash Con Combo Contest. His final combo was a cheeky 69-hit combo where he juggled a CPU with single-hit up-airs from Fox. JaimeHR finished the CPU with a smack from the Home-Run Bat. The judges jokingly held up “69420” with their score cards in response.

Prince fell short of his own expectations at this year’s Combo Contest. Perhaps it is because of the rumored patron curse, where a player performs poorly at their first tournament after joining an esports team. Prince’s downfall was the fact that he was unable to finish any of his attempted combos. However, he later took to Twitter to show off the combos he had intended to perform.

Freddie “Combo Blaze” Guerrero advanced past round one by performing his first combo blindfolded. Three other players failed to make it past round one of the Smash Con Combo Contest. They were Eduardo “tacos” Tovar, “Razz,” and Alvin Hara.