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One of the most notable aspects of any new Fortnite season are the cosmetics. Opening up the fresh Battle Pass and seeing all of the new crossover content that Epic Games has delivered is always welcome. In Season 7, the feeling is still present, as entertainment icons like Superman, Rick and Morty and more are featured. However, arguably the most intriguing of the bunch in Fortnite Season 7, is the Kymera skin.

Kymera appears to be an alien lifeform that’s crash-landed in Fortnite and is unlockable through the Battle Pass. Players don’t have to be at a specific level to unlock it, as the system has changed in Season 7, but upgrading Kymera will take some time.

Upgrading the Kymera skin in Fortnite Season 7

When players first unlock the Kymera skin, they’ll quickly realize that its base form isn’t everything on offer. Instead, there are dozens and dozens of upgradeable options that players can choose from. These include changes to Kymera’s head, eyes, skin color and more.

Although, these upgrades aren’t accessible at first. Each is locked when players first earn the skin and they contain a symbol with a number attached to it. This symbol is an Alien Artifact, a new item in Season 7. The artifacts are scattered around the map and must be collected if players want to upgrade Kymera. The number, attached to the Alien Artifact symbol below each upgrade, is how many artifacts players need to unlock that specific cosmetic.

Fortnite Kymera skin
The Kymera upgrade screen | Provided by ShiinaBR/Epic Games

If players want to upgrade Kymera fully, they’ll need to spend a solid amount of time looking for Alien Artifacts. The artifacts are found all across the island, so players will stumble on them when putting the hours in. They can also be looted through Cosmic Chests, which are another new item in Season 7.

The Kymera skin is one of several new additions in Season 7 of Fortnite and upgrading it should keep players busy for the time being.