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After another weekend of action, PvP teams Kungarna, SK Gaming and Team Liquid topped the leaderboards in the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship Circuit. While Kungarna and SK Gaming played in the European region during WoW AWC Circuit Week 2, Team Liquid defended their top spot in the North American one. All three teams earned score totals of 4-0, putting them all in great positions for the grand final.

WoW AWC Circuit Week 2

On the first day of matches, Kungarna faced LF Org and swept them 3-0. The same day, SK Gaming duked it out against MyWay and went 3-1. Over in North America, Team Liquid fought against Unitas and swept them 3-0 as well. When it came down to the championship on Sunday, Kungarna, SK Gaming and Team Liquid continued to defend their top leaderboard position.

Kungarna versus Bugs
Kungarna versus Bugs in the Arena World Championship Circuit. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

How Kungarna, SK Gaming and Team Liquid reached the top

Kungarna opened the Sunday matches with a battle against Bugs in the Nagrand Arena, taking down the opposing team’s Shaman for the first point. The action continued in Hook Point, and after narrowly escaping death, Bugs’ Elemental Shaman fought back with Lava Burst. However, it was all for naught, as he was taken down with the help of Mindgames and double the Kidney Shots. Although Bugs prevented a clean sweep in Ruins of Lordaeron, it wasn’t enough as Kungarna claimed victory in Ashamane’s Fall.

SK Gaming versus Casual Dads in WoW AWC Circuit Week 2
SK Gaming versus Casual Dads. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Next, SK Gaming clashed against Casual Dads, with the latter team earning the first point. The Priests from both teams were low on mana, but after Casual Dads stabilized their Mage with healing, they pushed forward and took down SK Gaming’s Mage. Despite the loss, SK Gaming bounced back in Ashamane’s Fall and Hook Point. The last game between SK Gaming and Casual Dads took place on the Tiger’s Peak map, and the latter team went for crowd control against SK Gaming’s Priest and Mage. However, SK Gaming’s Mage turned it around, using Polymorph on the enemy Priest, which soon pressured out an Ice Block from the enemy Mage. The game ended with a score of 3-1 for SK Gaming, earning them a combined total score of 4-0 on the WoW AWC Circuit leaderboard.

Sindragosa's Fury helps defeat the Golden Guardians’ Priest.
Sindragosa’s Fury helps defeat the Golden Guardians’ Priest. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

As for Team Liquid, they went up against the Golden Guardians on day two of the tournament. The first battle between them happened in the Nagrand Arena, with Team Liquid taking down the enemy Priest thanks to the help of their Frost Death Knight. Team Liquid then pushed forward with another point via Ashamane’s Fall. The match point between Team Liquid and the Golden Guardians took place in the Dalaran Sewers, and Team Liquid played aggressively for the victory by taking down the enemy Hunter right as he used Aspect of the Turtle in hopes of deflecting attacks and mitigating damage.

The WoW AWC Circuit will resume next weekend from June 11-12 on YouTube.