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KRÜ Esports player Angelo “keznit” Mori is currently “under evaluation” by Riot Games Brazil for his alleged racist comments, which got him and his team suspended from the Brazilian VALORANT practice Discord server, according to Mori and Brazilian journalists. The team was suspended Sunday and has been invited back to the Discord server, according to statement from KRÜ on Tuesday.

“We have resolved the corresponding sanctions internally and, in turn, both teams were warned by the PRACC administration,” the statement said according to a translation provided to Upcomer. “After a good conversation with our Brazilian pairs/partners, the suspension that we’ve received has been lifted.”

Mori put out his own statement on Twitter Tuesday, confirming that KRÜ sanctioned him.

“KRÜ sanctioned me and may ruin my career and I have to keep quiet?” Mori said. “You can tell me that I don’t know how racism affects over there and I apologize for not having thought about that before making the comparison but NEVER put in my head thoughts I don’t have or words I didn’t say.”

Riot Games Brazil has said that the company is “internally evaluating” Mori’s case, according to Lau Agnolin, a journalist with OnlyGames.

“Keznit apologized after what happened with the Brazilian player and mentioned that ‘I may lose my career’ because Riot Games is also ‘internally evaluating’ the case, according to the note issued to the Brazilian media,” Angolin said on Twitter.

In a statement made to Agnolin, and given to Upcomer, Riot Games Brazil confirmed that it is “studying the case as a whole,” and that no conclusion has been met as to whether there will be a punishment.

Mori and KRÜ Esports were originally banned from the practice server for violating the third rule of the server: “Any kind of prejudice is unacceptable. Racism, homophobia, bullying and derivatives lead to expulsion (kick) and banning,” according to a Twitlonger put out by one of the Brazilian practice server commissioners, and Gamelanders Purple analyst and assistant coach.


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