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The returning LATAM Champions KRÜ Esports are back for their second international VALORANT event. In their opening match of VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 3 Masters Berlin against ZETA DIVISION, KRÜ easily overcame the Japanese team to earn their first win of the tournament. Former Hero of the Storm and Smite champion turned KRÜ Esports coach Martín “BeTony” Bourre broke down the team’s success and their plans for Masters 3: Berlin.

“We were really happy about [making it to Masters Berlin],” said BeTony. “Sometimes it’s harder to stay on top and becoming the best team in our region. We were happy that we could really improve from Iceland to here.”

BeTony spoke about the experience that they gained from Iceland and how important it was for their players to get reps on the international stage. Especially since for some, Masters Reykjavík was the first international event they had ever attended. Another hope BeTony shared was that they would place higher in the tournament than they did at Reykjavík. At that tournament, they finished seventh/ eight after falling to the lower bracket early. Now that KRÜ Esports have overcome ZETA DIVISION, they move on to face the No. 3 North American seed in Envy. Whoever wins the matchup will move on to Masters Berlin playoffs.

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