Get ready to dive in for King Tide, an underwater battle royale... with sharks! - Upcomer

Get ready to dive in for King Tide, an underwater battle royale… with sharks!

Remember the dev company Digital Confectioners? You know, the guys who made the game Depth? Well, that was an action/hunting game set underwater where you could play as a diver armed with guns. Or, you could choose to play as a shark! That’s right–you could play as a great white, hammerhead, or other variations. You could swim the great depths of the ocean eager to sink your teeth on unwary humans. Moving on from Depth‘s success, Digital Confectioners have announced King Tide–a battle royale game set entirely underwater!

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King Tide Depth battle royale

King Tide brings the battle royale underwater

King Tide will be Digital Confectioners’s foray into the battle royale scene that’s currently dominated by heavyweights such as Fortnite, PUBG, and up-and-comers such as Realm Royale. The setting, entirely under the sea, makes for a very unique twist. The game boasts up to 100 “divers” plundering the dark below of the oceans. Rather than jumping and running around, players have to swim to find lost treasure and sunken ships that contain new equipment.

Players not only have to survive one another, but they also have to face off against the menaces of the deep–sharks. We don’t know yet how many there will be, but we do hope there’d be an entire school of them just to make us scream in terror. The company also mentioned that there will be depth charges that will blow players to smithereens if they’re not careful enough to avoid them. We’re wondering which mechanic would be the game’s “Storm”? Will it be the sharks surrounding the play area? The depth charges dropping around the map? How about both? Maybe a lack of oxygen?

King Tide will be on Early Access this August. Will it find success amongst a sea of competitors? We’ll find out soon enough. What we do know is that Digital Confectioners’s previous title, Depth, found moderate critical and commercial success. If that game is any indication, the company knows how to conduct some underwater multiplayer mayhem. Naturally, we hope that it translates well with King Tide.