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The leaks from the v10.20 update aren’t quite finished yet. Recently, we learned that within the game’s files are images and models for a beloved piece of Fortnite lore. Kevin the Cube, from Seasons 5 and 6, is definitely making a triumphant return in Season X. However, Epic Games isn’t planning on using the cube as part of an in-game event this time around. According to the leaks, Kevin will become its own POI once the Rift Beacon strikes next week.

The return of Kevin the Cube

First appearing in Season 5, Kevin the Cube was an enigma for much of its life cycle. Rolling across the Fortnite island and creating runes and anti-gravity zones, no one quite knew what Kevin was going to do.

However, we now know that the cube was responsible for the Butterfly event in Season 6. Before that event, though, the cube made its own island above Loot Lake, taking the lake house and creating a floating vortex.

Well, thanks to some leaks, it looks like Kevin will once again take the form of an island. Fortnite leaker @HYPEX has us covered on the file images for the new Kevin island.

Kevin the Cube
A rough model of what the island could look like. Photo Credit to @HYPEX on Twitter.
Kevin the Cube
A top-down look at the leaked Kevin the Cube POI. Photo Credit to @HYPEX on Twitter.

Of course, the leaks don’t mention anything about when this leaked POI will enter the game. That said, it’s safe to assume the Rift Beacon will once again be responsible for bringing back an old Fortnite POI.

With this current week rumored to return Greasy Grove, the start of next week should be when we can expect a Rift Beacon to appear somewhere around Fatal Fields (see thumbnail image). Then, launching with the v10.30 update, we’ll possibly see the return of Kevin the Cube.

We currently don’t know any of the mechanics associated with this POI. However, since Epic Games has changed up every Rift Beacon POI so far, we can assume that the cube island won’t be as it was in Season 6.

What do you think about this leaked POI? Let us know in the comments below. Keep up with Daily Esports for all Forntite Season X coverage.