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After a weekend of intense PvP action, Kawhi and Kungarna claimed victory in World of Warcraft Arena World Championship Cup 3. These two teams also took home the crown in the first week of matches, winning the lion’s share of the weekly prize pool and earning the most points toward the Arena World Championship Circuit.

Both teams duked it out against competitors in their respective regions between April 1-3 under the best-of-five double elimination format. The finals were a best-of-seven, and Kawhi represented North America while Kungarna won in the European region.

Kawhi in World of Warcraft Arena World Championship Cup 3
The roster for team Kawhi. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Kawhi’s upper bracket victories

Kawhi claimed victory in World of Warcraft Arena World Championship Cup 3 by dueling teams such as Zhan’Cheng, Golden Guardians, Three and a Half Men before going up against Cloud9 in the regional finals.

In the quarterfinals, the team defeated the Golden Guardians 3-2. This led them into a semifinal match against Three and a Half Men. After earning a 3-1 score, Kawhi headed to the finals.

Although the first game went to Cloud9, Kawhi evened the score in Ashamane’s Fall thanks to their Paladin, Rogue and Priest taking down the enemy Warlock. Another win followed for Kawhi in game three within Empyrean Domain. Although the enemy Mage used spell after spell to take down the Priest’s health total, it wasn’t enough, as the latter player healed back up. When Kawhi decided to make a big push for the enemy Warlock, they secured the kill and earned another point.

Kawhi versus Cloud9
Kawhi versus Cloud9. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Both teams fought well in the Tiger’s Peak arena, with Cloud9 using triple crowd control against their opponent. Kawhi refused to give in and used Hammer of Justice for the stun and takedown. When it came down to match point, Kawhi claimed victory over Cloud9 by swiftly taking down the opposing Monk in Maldraxxus Coliseum.

Arena World Championship Europe

As for the European Region, Kungarna took home the weekly crown by defeating teams such as Going Bananas, LF Org and MyWay.

Kungarna fought LF Org in the quarterfinals, earning a score of 3-0 before heading into the semifinals and earning another 3-0 score. This pushed MyWay into the elimination bracket where they went up against Bugs. However, with a score of 3-0, MyWay fought their way to the top for a rematch against Kungarna.

Players of team Kungarna
The roster for team Kungarna. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

In the regional finals for the weekly tournament, Kungarna fought MyWay in the Nagrand Arena and earned the first point after taking down MyWay’s Hunter. However, MyWay didn’t give in as they tied the score in Empyrean Domain.

Kungarna and MyWay then traded wins in Tiger’s Peak and Tol’Viron Arena, respectively. This also happened in the following Dalaran Sewers and Robodrome arenas, with both teams earning a score of 3-3 before match point.

Kungarna versus MyWay in World of Warcraft Arena World Championship Cup 3
Kungarna versus MyWay. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

When it came down to the last game between them, the teams duked it out against each other in the Hook Point arena. After getting the crowd control via Chastise in on the enemy Hunter, Kungarna’s Rogue and Mage went for the burst damage, taking their opponent down and earning a final score of 4-3.

With their victory, Kungarna earned the most weekly points toward the Arena World Championship Circuit. However, it’s not over yet as the games will return next weekend. World of Warcraft fans can catch all of the action over on YouTube.

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