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After a weekend of fierce PvP action, Kawhi and Kungarna became the champions of the 2022 WoW AWC Grand Finals. With this victory, both teams earned their share of the $300,000 prize pool.

Kawhi wins 2022 WoW AWC Grand Finals

North American team Kawhi kicked off the WoW AWC 2022 Grand Finals weekend by clashing against Three and a Half Men. After sweeping the opposing team 3-0, Kawhi advanced to the semi-finals against Cloud9, achieving a score of 3-2. This pushed Cloud9 into the lower elimination bracket where they fought Team Liquid, also winning 3-2. That victory meant Cloud9 would duke it out against Kawhi in the finals for a rematch.

When it came down to the finals, Cloud9 earned the first point with their Priest, Warlock and Rogue against Kawhi’s Paladin, Rogue and Priest. This was followed by another Cloud9 victory in the Dalaran Sewers, thanks to crowd control and taking down Kawhi’s Priest. However, Kawhi didn’t give in, as they swiftly earned a point in game three by defeating the enemy Warlock.

Kawhi versus Cloud9 in the Empyrean Domain arena at the 2022 WoW AWC Grand Finals
Kawhi versus Cloud9 in the Empyrean Domain arena at the 2022 WoW AWC Grand Finals. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

The teams fought in the Empyrean Domain arena next; as Cloud9’s Rogue attacked Kawhi’s Priest and Paladin with Kidney Shots, Kawhi’s own Rogue pestered the enemy Priest with crowd control in return. When both teams were short on mana, Kawhi zeroed in on Cloud9’s Warlock. Although the Warlock used Death Coil for damage and heals, it wasn’t enough as Kawhi’s Rogue used Cloak of Shadows to stay on target.

After Kawhi tied the score 2-2, both teams traded wins in the Ruins of Lordaeron and Tol’viron Arena maps. This meant the final match between the teams happened in Blade’s Edge Arena, with Kawhi defeating the enemy Rogue and winning the WoW AWC 2022 Grand Finals.

Kungarna’s incredible lower bracket sweep

Over in the European region, Kungarna faced CGN Esports in the quarterfinals and went 2-3. This pushed Kungarna into the elimination bracket where they battled Casual Dads and won 3-0. When the semifinal matches were up, Kungarna faced CGN Esports again, since the latter team got pushed into the lower bracket by SK Gaming. After sweeping CGN Esports in the rematch, Kungarna advanced to the finals against SK Gaming.

SK Gaming versus Kungarna in the 2022 WoW AWC Grand Finals
SK Gaming versus Kungarna in the 2022 WoW AWC Grand Finals. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment.

In the first game between Kungarna and SK Gaming, the players duked it out in the Nagrand Arena. Using a Priest, Mage and Rogue lineup, Kungarna defeated the enemy Shaman and received the first point. Kungarna then earned another point in the Tol’viron Arena, tanking burst damage and kitting enemies before taking down the enemy Rogue.

Kungarna continued to show no mercy in Ashamane’s Fall next, pressuring SK Gaming’s Druid before quickly shifting focus and bursting down the enemy Mage. When it was time for the Empyrean Domain arena, Kungarna targeted the enemy Mage once more, forcing out an Ice Block and desperate heals before continuing with relentless damage for the win.

With a 4-0 score, Kungarna swept the lower bracket and climbed to the top for the European WoW AWC Grand Finals victory.

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