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Today, GameStop announced the addition of Justin “Jwong” Wong to its growing esports roster. The Texas-headquartered video game, wireless services, and consumer electronics retailer has an already large history in esports. Now, they are seeking to expand into the fighting game community (FGC) thanks to a promising partnership with one of its most legendary players.

The company’s motto is “power to the players,” and thus Justin Wong will be helping the amateur fighting game community. He will create a comprehensive gaming clinic that will last a total of 45 minutes and will, ideally, help amateur gamers improve and hone their talent in their favorite titles.

Justin Wong is an essential part of FGC history

Justing Wong declared that “teaming up with GameStop while supporting the fighting game community is a dream come true.” He also said that he was “excited to develop educational content for some of the top fighting games and raise awareness of this specific area of gaming.” The American player has been present in almost every historical moment in the history of the FGC. He holds the record for the most consecutive wins in a fighting game, which is currently 300. Moreover, he has conquered the trophy of EVO nine times throughout his career.

For the gaming clinic, he will not focus solely on his preferred esport, Street Fighter V, but will also teach lessons on Mortal Kombat 11 and Tekken 7, among others.

GameStop, a company willing to invest in esports

GameStop recently helped with the construction of Complexity Gaming's new training facility, showing a true will to invest in esports.
GameStop recently helped with the construction of Complexity Gaming’s new training facility, showing a true will to invest in esports. Photo via: Complexity Gaming.

Frank Hamlin is the Chief Customer Officer for GameStop. About the deal, they said that they “are always looking to identify the right partnerships to help support and grow our esports ecosystem — and Justin Wong fits the bill perfectly.” GameStop’s commitment to esports has significantly increased recently. Over the last few months, the company has partnered with several esports organizations. They helped, for example, to build Complexity Gaming’s new headquarters, the GameStop Performance Center.

Moreover, GameStop has endorsed more than 700 esports tournaments, including last year’s Overwatch League grand finals in New York. Will this new partnership with Justin Wong really have an impact on the FGC amateur scene? The answer is still very much in the air. At first glance, however, this seems like nothing but good news for fighting game professionals and enthusiasts alike.