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The Jurassic World tie-in has returned to Rocket League. It brings back the iconic Jeep from the Jurassic Park movies as well as a T. rex Goal Explosion. A new limited-time mode was also introduced: Loophole.

Jurassic World was first introduced in Rocket League in June 2018. It was then removed in 2019 and has since been unavailable until today. Like many other licensed IP, the items are available for a limited time only. With Jurassic World’s return, only the ever-popular Batmobile has yet to come back. The Jurassic Wrangler Jeep and T. rex Goal explosion can be purchased separately for about $8 each, or together for about $10.

Jurassic World update introduces Loophole to Rocket League

With the return of Jurassic World to Rocket League also comes an unrelated Limited-Time Mode: Loophole. In the Rocket Labs playlist, players are put in unconventional maps such as one with ramps or double the amount of goals. For this iteration, players will find themselves on a map where the goals are on the floor.

It is deceivingly difficult to score on the Loophole map, as the small ramps will make it easy to overshoot. Because of this, shots should be taken more slowly, but that makes it fairly easy to defend. You’ll have to get creative to catch your opponent on the wrong axle. Scoring via the wall is a solid strategy while players are still figuring out how to play this game mode. A hard shot to the lower side of the back wall has power but will bounce downward toward the goal.

The fanbase grows impatient with recycled content

Despite having a new LTM to play with Loophole, the fanbase is beginning to grow tired of the lack of significant new content. Earlier in the week, a reddit post about the alleged slow death of the game reached 3,000 upvotes and a large number of awards. It reiterated a discussion that had been going on for a long while in the community and was the culmination of many months of frustration.

The OP of the post, HoraryHellfire2, also listed a host of ideas and solutions, with the community pitching in their own ideas. With the Jurassic World re-release, fans are reminded again that besides Rocket Passes and season rewards, Psyonix has yet to add significant new content since the switch to free-to-play back in September 2020.