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Twitch streamer and RLCS caster John “Johnnyboi_i” MacDonald will host a $3000, winner-takes-all, best-of-1, single elimination Rocket League tournament on Aug. 5. Johnnyboi had already teased the event during the week prior and revealed the format on Tuesday.

Johnnyboi is known for hosting high-profile 1v1 matches on his Twitch stream, where many current veterans and newcomers have made their debut in the public eye. His upcoming tournament is reminiscent of The Twelve Titans, which saw 12 of the best 1v1 Rocket League players battle for a $10,000, winner-takes-all prize pool.  The bracket draw for the latest event will happen on Thursday, Aug. 5, at 11:45 a.m. ET, while the tournament starts 15 minutes later at 12:00 p.m. ET. The matches are set to be hosted on three Twitch channels: Johnnyboi_i, Shogun and Tylacto.

Johnnyboi continues to put 1v1 Rocket League on the map

While 1v1 Rocket League is not part of the RLCS, Johnnyboi has made sure the game mode is not forgotten. With 32 contenders, mostly from Europe and the Middle East, the tournament includes some of the greatest Rocket League players of all time. Of course, newcomers who are only just starting to make a name for themselves always have a place in Johnnyboi’s events, as well.

In the last Twelve Titans event in 2018, Kyle “Scrub Killa” Robertson and Victor “Fairy Peak!” Locquet battled for $10,000 in the final. With a gentleman’s agreement, they decided the winner would get $9000 and the loser $1000. Scrub Killa ultimately defeated his nemesis. Both players are featured in the new, unnamed Johnnyboi tournament, but new contenders have risen up in the past few years since then. Both players have also focused their efforts more on 3v3 lately, so a final between the two is not guaranteed whatsoever.


The most recent 1v1 champion among the contestants is David “Rezears” Wuensch, from Germany. Defeating Ashllxyy in the grand final of the DreamHack Beyond 2021: Boost Cup 1v1 tournament, Rezears is an up-and-coming player with rumors linking him to various RLCS teams.