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Jet Set Radio composer and notorious Twitter poster Hideki Naganuma has been tweeting seemingly non-stop about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player Larry “Larry Lurr” Holland. Since March 18, Naganuma has put out 14 tweets directly or indirectly referencing the Smash pro and has retweeted multiple other tweets about him.

Larry Lurr is a long-time veteran of the Smash scene. He began competing at majors in 2007 under the tag “DEHF,” which is short for “Does Everyone Hate Falco?” He has been a top player in Melee, Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Most recently, Larry Lurr placed second at the G4 Smash Ultimate Invitational, double-eliminating Leonardo “MkLeo” López Pérez in the process.

He has also become the subject of numerous memes and reaction images shared by members of the Smash community. Whenever a tweet saying no one can be both attractive and good at Smash makes the rounds, the replies will inevitably be flooded with pictures of Larry Lurr wearing a Mega Man t-shirt, a green hoodie and red shorts.

After sharing his first Larry Lurr meme, Naganuma similarly received a wave of images depicting the player from Southern California. Since then, the composer has gone all in on spreading the gospel of Larry Lurr.

Larry Lurr responds to the Hideki Naganuma tweets

The recent attention has been a welcome surprise for Larry Lurr, who celebrated his 32nd birthday on March 20.

“Hideki Naganuma tweeting about me was a fantastic early birthday gift,” Larry Lurr tweeted. “Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future is legit one of my favorite video games and the soundtrack is still something I listen to a lot. The fact that the composer even knows who I am is without a doubt one of the highlights of my year.”

In addition, Larry Lurr has recently added fuel to Naganuma’s fire by posting a new picture of himself wearing a different pair of red pants.

It’s hard to enunciate what’s so funny about Larry Lurr memes. When asked for the rationale behind his recent obsession, Naganuma could only explain that his followers told him Larry Lurr was funny. Nevertheless, the abstract humor of the Smash community’s running joke has apparently managed to resonate even with someone who has no direct connection to it.

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