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IGN revealed Friday that three paid downloadable characters are making their way to Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl through the game’s Universe Pack. The next three NASB fighters are Jenny Wakeman from “My Life as a Teenage Robot,” Hugh Neutron from “The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius” and Rocko from “Rocko’s Modern Life.”

Jenny is currently available in NASB, alongside a new balance patch. This patch introduced a number of universal changes, including the removal of immediate momentum canceling. In addition, all characters can now special-reverse their mid specials and will receive chip damage if attacked while blocking.

There were also a number of balance changes for specific characters. Toph received considerable buffs, while Aang received several adjustments to his light down-air. Meanwhile, stronger characters like April, Nigel, Shredder and Zim received nerfs. Finally, the developers adjusted Sewers Slam’s camera and blast zone boundaries to make it fall in line with other competitive stages.

While Jenny is available now, players will have to wait to try out Hugh Neutron and Rocko in NASB. Hugh will become available sometime this summer while Rocko will launch sometime in the fall. Players can purchase Jenny and her stage, Tremortion Joyride, for $4.99. Conversely, the entire Universe Pack is available for $11.99.

More about Jenny, Hugh Neutron and Rocko in NASB

Jenny has a number of unique tools in NASB, including an up special that allows the player to freely control her movement as she flies about. Her strong neutral-air can also assist in her recovery if she is facing away from the stage, as it launches her backward with a great deal of momentum if the player holds backward after executing it.

Jenny has a pair of projectiles, a missile and a laser, which she can use to attack opponents from afar. In addition, her arm stretches out a long distance whenever she uses her grab. Because of this, Jenny boasts a larger grab range than many other characters.

The only gameplay footage of Hugh depicted him riding a motorcycle. As a result, fans will have to wait a while longer to see how Hugh will banish his opponents to the shadow realm in NASB. Likewise, no footage was shown of Rocko besides his NASB character art.

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